3 Signs That You Have A Hard Water Problem

Water is essential for our survival. We cannot live without clean water. We use clean water for cleaning, cooking, drinking, bathing, showering, and watering our gardens. As you can see water is one of the most important resources in our homes. But not all clean water is pure. The water we get from our taps and showers is expected to be clean and pure. But in some parts of the country, this water is laden with minerals or metals. Water that has an unusually high content of minerals or metals is called hard water. Some of the most common minerals or metals found in hard water include calcium, iron, sodium, magnesium, aluminum, manganese, and many others. Hard water is not harmful health-wise but it presents some problems when used for cleaning, bathing, showering, and drinking. It can also damage your plumbing fixtures and appliances due to accumulation of these mineral deposits. The following are telltale signs that you have a hard water problem in your house and that you need San Diego water filtration services.

Funny Tasting Water

Hard water tastes funny. You can actually taste the minerals or metals in hard water. This is why hard water is not good for drinking. Hard water tastes and smells metallic due to the mineral deposits in the waster. It can also smell and taste sour or sulfuric or rusty. You will need to install a water softener in your house to solve this problem. You can also hire a plumbing company that offers whole house water filtration services to handle this water conditioning issue for you.

Cleaning Problems

The main sign that you have a hard water problem in your home is cleaning problems. Hard water is not suitable for cleaning dishes, washing laundry, or bathing and showering. The main problem is lathering and rinsing. These are some of the cleaning issues that you will experience with hard water.

Washing Dishes

Hard water does not produce enough lather when washing dishes. This means that your dishes will not get clean quickly and properly when you use hard water to wash them. Hard water leaves spots on your dishes. This is because it can’t rinse all the soap or detergent from your dishes. Whether you wash your dishes by hand or using a dishwasher, you will still notice some chalky spots if you are using hard water.

Bathing And Showering

You will not be able to enjoy a good shower or bath with hard water. For starters, it will not produce enough lather. Secondly, hard water will not be able to rinse all the soap from your skin and hair. You will be left with a dry itchy skin and soap in your hair. This is one of the main problems with hard water.

Doing Laundry

Another key indicator that you have a hard water problem in your house is problems with doing laundry. Your clothes will not rinse properly. Hard water can also dull bright colors. Clothes washed with hard water end up being stiff and scratchy.

Damaged Plumbing Appliances

Mineral deposits found in hard water can damage your plumbing fixtures and appliances. These appliances can really become faulty when the metals in the hard water start reacting inside. A water softener or purification system can solve all these problems.

Details regarding San Diego water filtration can be found on this page.

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