Water Heater Services in Del Mar, CA

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Traditional Water Heater Repair & Installation

Countless homes throughout Del Mar rely on traditional water heaters to deliver hot water. Also known as conventional water heaters, they remain popular with homeowners due to their reliability and long lifespans. However, their high energy consumption makes them expensive to run as they use between 80 to 100 gallons of water each day and require plenty of natural gas or electricity. 

If you’re dealing with water heater issues, Core Plumbing is here to help you. Our plumbing team has decades of combined experience and can solve any water heater problem. We specialize in water heater repairs, replacements, maintenance, installations, and more.

Water Heater Services Del Mar

We offer a full range of traditional water heater services in Del Mar such as:

  • Water Heater Installation: Our team of certified plumbers handles all installation processes with precision and care to ensure your conventional water heater operates at its full potential.
  • Preventative Maintenance: We provide regularly scheduled tune-ups, maintenance, and inspections to extend the lifespan of your water heater and prevent future malfunctions.
  • Water Heater Leak Detection & Repair: Drips and puddles are never a good sign. Our expert plumbers can locate the source of your leaks and fix it promptly to avoid further damage.
  • Anode Rod Replacement: Our plumbers can help protect your conventional water heater tank from corrosion and other issues with timely anode rod replacements.
  • Pressure Relief Valve Inspection & Testing: Our experts perform regular valve checks to protect your water heater and assure it always maintains optimal pressure.
  • Emergency Repair: Has your hot water stopped running? Our water heater advocates can have your hot water restored in no time.
  • Upgrading & Replacement: Whether you’re making the switch to a tankless water heater or looking to exchange for another conventional water heater, our advocates can guide you through the selection process and have our team of installers replace it for you.

Signs You Need a Water Heater Repair in Del Mar

There are many indications that your water heater may be failing:

  • Your water heater leaks: You will need to call a plumber as soon as possible if you notice any water dripping from your unit. A leak can easily happen if your water heater tank is cracked. Our skilled plumbers can find the source of the leak to determine whether it can be repaired.
  • Your water runs cold: If you realize you don’t have any hot water, then you know your water heater is to blame. This could become a big issue affecting your daily life. It’s best to call us for a repair immediately so that we can professionally inspect your water heater.
  • Your water heater unit is rusty: When you see rust on your tank, the rust is likely contaminating your water. In that case, you must contact a trustworthy plumber right away. If you leave a water heater tank rusted, then it may corrode and stop working. Our licensed and insured plumbers can find the source of the rust. If it is coming from the pipes, we can repair it. If it is coming from the water heater itself, then it may be time for a replacement.
  • You have noticed a change in your water quality: If your dispensed water seems cloudy, then this is a sign that your water heater is damaging your water quality and needs immediate repair.
  • Your water heater makes strange noises: If you hear any loud rumbling, knocking or banging sounds coming from your water heater, there may be sediment in your tank. Our plumbers can thoroughly clean it out and leave it running smoothly again.

Water Heater Repair Services in Del Mar

Core Plumbing is here for all your water heater servicing needs. We service homes throughout Del Mar and have water heater experts readily available to assist you. Call (858) 538-6025 today to schedule an appointment.

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