5 Reasons You Might Want to Call an Emergency Plumber

So, you just discovered a rogue patch of water on the floor, or your toilet is overflowing all of a sudden, and you don’t know if this constitutes a plumbing emergency or not. We get it, plumbing mishaps always tend to happen at an inconvenient time. So, can this particular plumbing situation wait, or do you need to call a professional immediately? Let’s dive into five situations that warrant calling in an emergency plumber so you can rest easy.

1. The Hot Water Shuts Off

So, you just got home from a long day off work and you’re looking forward to a nice, hot shower. You turn on the shower, but it doesn’t get hot, not even a little bit. Well, if there’s an issue with the water heater leaking or an issue with your heat exchanger, this is not a problem that can wait. Call in a professional right away!

2. Low Water Pressure

Imagine this, you’re doing the dishes, and all of a sudden the water pressure drops to, well, a few drops. If it were a slow decline in water pressure over a few weeks, that would indicate a leak. A sudden drop in water pressure indicates a pipe rupture. You see where we’re going with this –  call in a professional if this is the case!

3. Slab Leak

So, all of a sudden, you notice weird cold spots or hot spots on the ground of your home or hear water running when nothing is on. This might be a sign you have a slab leak on your hands. Call in the professionals if you suspect any of these symptoms in your home.

4. Toilet Overflows

Imagine this, you flush your toilet, but nothing is draining down the bowl. You don’t panic at first, you just grab your plunger and attempt to clear the blockage, but it doesn’t work. If you try to unclog an overflowing toilet and you can’t seem to get the water flowing, it’s time to call in an expert.

5. More Than One Clogged Drain

So, you’re washing your hands in the bathroom and notice the water is draining unusually slowly, but then you go to do the dishes and the water is draining slowly there, too. Well, you might have a bigger problem at hand. Furthermore, if you also start to notice a weird smell accompanying these clogs, the sewer line might be clogged. You get where we’re going with this – call in the plumber!

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