When Is a Clogged Drain Considered an Emergency Plumbing Issue?

Dealing with a clogged drain in your home is an inconvenience that can periodically result in an emergency plumbing situation that requires immediate attention. Drains are responsible for flushing water, waste, and other contents out of your home and into the sewer system. When clogs occur, they create backups, standing water, floods, and other disruptions in your home that can be cleared using professional drain cleaning solutions. However, some clogs are so severe the outcome quickly escalates into an emergency plumbing issue. 

So what factors can turn a clogged drain into an emergency plumbing issue and what indicators should you look for?

Hazardous Issues

With drain systems being responsible for flushing water, waste, and contents from the home to the sewer line, serious clogs can quickly turn drastic. For example, if a toilet is clogged and cannot flush it can result in waste buildup which in turn creates a health hazard due to unsanitary conditions. Also, if a sink or bathtub clog creates standing water that you allow to sit for too long, the moisture from the standing water can become a breeding ground for mold growth creating a safety risk. If you’re dealing with drain clogs that can transform into hazardous issues, it is vital to have a plumbing professional repair them immediately.

Sewage Backup in the Home

Sewer lines are responsible for transferring water and contents from your drains into the city’s sewer pipeline. Severe clogs and buildups in your sewer line can result in sewage backup from your drains and toilet resulting in flooding containing contaminated water. Sewage backups are some of the most serious plumbing emergencies because they can spread diseases and become extremely hazardous. If a sewer line clog creates sewage backup in your home, it’s important to have a plumbing professional attend to it immediately to prevent the spread of disease and damage. Experienced plumbing professionals have special equipment to locate the source of the clog within your sewer line and repair the issue.

Foul Odors & Sewer Gas

In some scenarios, clogged drains can cause damage to pipes creating leaks or cracks that allow gas to seep through. This sewer gas brings a foul odor that can be described as being similar to that of rotten eggs. While the smell of sewer gas is unpleasant, short exposure does not always pose a health hazard. However, if the gas is accompanied by substances such as hydrogen sulfide, prolonged exposure can affect your health resulting in a plumbing emergency. If you’re dealing with clogs in your home and are experiencing foul odors, it is best to have a plumbing professional diagnose the problem right away.

Finding a Plumbing Provider You Can Trust

While clogged drains can be disruptive in the home, they’re often more of an inconvenience. But clogged drains should never be overlooked, especially if the severity of the clog can lead to more damaging issues. If you’re dealing with a clogged drain and are unsure whether it’s an emergency plumbing issue, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Core Plumbing. We offer long-lasting plumbing solutions and are here to help when you need it most. Call (858) 538-6025 to schedule an appointment today.