4 Reasons to Call A Plumber (Other Than A Leaky Faucet)

When most people think plumber, they picture the faucet that won’t stop dripping or the toilet that never seems to shut off. What you may not know is that professional plumbing services do a lot more than take care of drips and leaks. Here are a few things professional plumbing companies like Core Plumbing can take care of:

Water Line Repair and Assessment

Plumbers aren’t reserved for simple indoor services. When you hire a plumber, they offer full-service repair and assessment for your entire water line. If a pipe bursts outside your home, in your basement, or you need your water line moved during a renovation, plumbers have you covered.

Gas and Gas Lines

Most homeowners don’t realize that plumbers are actually certified to work on gas and gas lines as well. Plumbers can assess and repair gas lines for natural gas, propane, and other sources to ensure your home stays safe. A gas leak is an extremely serious problem, so if you suspect something is not working properly with your gas line, it is important that you call a plumber immediately.

Sewer Services

Plumbers also deal with sewage systems. Whether there is a blockage that needs to be removed or a septic tank that needs to be drained or installed, plumbers can take care of it. Core Plumbing can check your sewage system for capacity and perform routine maintenance to make sure your sewer system is working correctly.

Drain Cleaning

If you have a drain that doesn’t seem to work properly, you likely need professional drain cleaning services. Unlike DIY chemicals that can damage your pipes, professional drain cleaning involves manually removing any blockages and obstacles with specialized tools to ensure your drains work as intended.

If you have a drain that needs to be cleaned, give us a call today at Core Plumbing


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