7 Most Common Tankless Water Heater Problems

Tankless water heater problems are common, but it is still a far more sustainable way to heat any amount of water for your home. Every tankless heater solution will need regular maintenance on the electricity or gas line to offer energy-efficient performance year-round. If you want to avoid emergency water heater repair in San Diego, it is best to call our tankless unit experts for a proactive service on your tankless hot water heaters.

Common Tankless Water Heater Problems and How to Solve Them

A water heater problem could be difficult to diagnose when a tankless water heater malfunctions. It does not typically make any noise, and the only indication might be a lack of warm water when you turn on the shower. However, our experts quickly pick up these common problems at their service visits, including issues with the heat exchanger, air supply, or exhaust or gas supply. These are the most common tankless water heater problems we see, and what they mean:

1. Unlit Pilot Light

Faulty wiring or damaged thermocouple wires may cause issues with the pilot light. The thermocouple is a small metal rod that regulates gas temperature to maintain a constant pilot light.

2. Stopping or Decreasing Water Flow

Clogs, mineral build-up, or an improperly adjusted pressure relief valve may cause issues with heating water. If there is a higher demand for hot water than usual or you haven’t used a water softener in a while, the system may need an adjustment to the minimum flow rate or a thermocouple replacement.

3. Inconsistent Temperatures

A higher demand for heating sometimes results in damaged thermostat wires, faulty pressure relief valve adjustment, or a clogged expansion tank that needs cleaning. Many people also experience a ‘cold water sandwich’ effect where the water runs warm, cold, and then hot as they turn on the faucet. A better recirculation system helps with these issues.

4. Significant Leaks

Leaking usually indicates an improperly adjusted pressure relief valve. It might be a high demand for hot water or a change in settings. Our technicians can quickly adjust the system for a more consistent heating process and fewer leakages.

5. A Gas Leak in the Water Heater

Mineral deposits in pipes and heating coils rusting are two common tankless water heater problems that lead to a gas leak. Our plumber needs to replace defective parts regularly to rectify this issue. During the repair process, the homeowner will need to leave the premises for health and safety reasons.

6. A Leaking Water Tank

If the leak occurs in a joint, our experienced plumbers can repair it by turning off the gas and tightening loose bolts or connections. If there are no leaks at the tightened joints, our team will switch out any defective parts and restore the appliance’s functionality.

7. The Temperature Sensor Won’t Turn On 

If the unit is not heating up to the right temperature, there could be an issue with the thermostat’s sensor. One of the simplest repairs is when the device stays at one temperature no matter the adjustments—we replace the sensor. Tankless water heater problems happen often, but Core Plumbing is available year-round for repairs, maintenance, installation, and upgrades. Contact us at (858) 293-4116 today for unparalleled service.