Everything You Need To Know About Home Gas Piping And Repairs

Some homeowners supplement electricity with gas to power some of the appliances in their homes. Natural gas and propane offer a very viable fuel source for the home. If you have a home gas supply system, then you know that you require the services of professional plumbers from time to time. The following guide features everything you need to know about home gas piping and repairs.

What Is Home Gas Piping And Repairs

Home gas piping and repair is a comprehensive plumbing service package provided to homeowners who use natural gas or propane to power some of their appliances. Home gas piping and repair services include new gas line installations and replacements and all kinds of gas line repairs. These services are offered for a service fee and you only have to place a call to your local plumbing or gas company to receive them.

Who Does It?

Home gas piping and repair services are provided by trained professional technicians in the –plumbing industry. The plumbing industry has many career specialties and gas plumbing is one of them. And just like in water piping and repair, only qualified and licensed plumbers are allowed to provide home gas piping and repair services. In order to qualify for a license in the gas industry, you must undergo extensive training and pass various industry exams. Typically the trainee starts at the apprenticeship level where he receives both academic and technical training for several years. He then sits for exams and graduates into the journeyman level where he undergoes further field training under a master gas fitter. He now sits the final exams that allow him to graduate into a master gas fitter, which is the highest career level in the industry. In order to get a practicing license, the master gas fitter must fulfill various requirements including having a clean criminal record and getting proper insurance and bonding for his company. He is vetted, certified, and licensed at the state level by the contractors’ licensing board.

Gas Line Services

Home gas piping and repair services are also referred to as gas line services. These services include new gas line installations. This is where you hire a master gas fitter to install new gas lines in your new house or to replace old ones in your existing home. We also have gas line repairs and replacements. This has to do with the fixing of all kinds of gas line faults and malfunctions. Another major service package in this industry is leak detection and repairs. This is one of the most critical services in the gas industry because gas leaks can be very dangerous and even fatal. You should always call your local plumber in case you suspect a gas leak in your home. You can easily detect a gas leak in your house by smelling rotten eggs, hearing a hissing sound, or observing dying vegetation where your underground gas lines lie. And last but not least, gas line professionals also offer gas line inspection and maintenance services. This involves conducting routine and thorough inspections of all your gas lines, gas outlets, and even gas appliances to make sure that they are in good working condition. In case of any faults, repairs are done immediately.

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