Garbage Disposal Services Explained

A garbage disposal system or unit is a plumbing appliance that is installed beneath a kitchen sink for shredding food and other organic water into tiny pieces, which can slip through standard plumbing systems without clogging. Usually electric-powered, garbage disposals or disposers are mostly used in the United States than in any other country in the world. The device contains a garbage shredder that rotates at a very high speed. Most professional plumbers offer garbage disposal services in residential markets. Some of the main garbage disposal services are discussed below.


Professional plumbers offer a myriad of kitchen remodeling and plumbing services. Some of the most common kitchen plumbing services include the installation, repair, and maintenance of various kitchen fixtures and appliances. We are talking about the installation and repair of kitchen sinks, kitchen faucet repair and installation, dishwasher installation and repair, water heater installation, repairs, and upgrades, and many other plumbing services. When it comes to garbage disposals, plumbers are especially qualified to handle all their issues. It all starts with the installation of a new garbage disposal. You can hire a plumber to install a garbage disposal when installing a new sink or for an existing sink. Either way, you should ensure that the garbage disposal is properly affixed and tested before the plumber leaves.

Repair & Replacement

Like every other fixture or appliance, a garbage disposal can break or malfunction at any given time. Due to their hectic functional assignments, garbage disposals can suffer various snags from time to time. Fortunately, modern models feature cutting-edge tech designs to prevent inconvenient breakages and malfunctions. Anyway, you do not have to worry if your garbage disposal breaks down. You just have to call a professional plumber in your locality for a quick fix. This can involve the repair of a part of the device or a total overhaul of the garbage disposal. You might even be required to buy a new one if the existing model is obsolete. Whichever the case, trust your plumbing company to implement the most optimal solution.


Garbage disposal units require regular cleaning to flush out all the insoluble dirt and debris that is trapped in the trap. For proper cleaning of your garbage disposer, you have to open it up to access all the internal components of the unit. If you are not comfortable doing so, call a professional plumber to clean the unit. You should pay special attention to the garbage shredder to get rid of any fibers that may be trapped in its teeth or cogs.

Inspection & Maintenance

The garbage disposal unit is one of the most important fixtures in a kitchen plumbing system. A faulty or malfunctioning garbage disposer can spell doom in your entire household. This is because it will fail to shred food waste properly thereby causing clogs in your kitchen sinks. As such, you should ensure that your garbage disposal is always in perfect condition. To achieve this, you should inspect your kitchen plumbing system regularly. You should also commission a professional plumber to consult regular inspection runs of all kitchen fixtures and appliances. And in case of any hitch or problem, do not hesitate to implement the recommended fix.

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