He Flushed What Down The Toilet?

What To Do When Your Toilet Gets Clogged

The most common clogging issue is just too much toilet paper and waste all at once. Your pipes are only but so wide and can only handle a certain volume each flush. This can be a bigger problem in some older houses with questionable plumbing installation over the years. With some combinations of low flow toilets and narrow pipes it can honestly pretty easy to clog a toilet.

No Worries I had A Big Dinner Last Night

If volume of waste and toilet paper is the issue then the quick and immediate fix is pretty simple. Don’t keep trying to flush the toilet. That will just exacerbate the problem and you will be left with an overflowing toilet. Instead you need a quality plunger and a little elbow grease. Plungers work on the basis of suction. Try your best to create a seal over the opening at the bottom of the toilet. Pressing down and pulling back up sucks and pushes the water in and out of the pipes. The purpose of this is to loosen the blockage so that the water and material can freely flow again.

My Little Gremlin Decided It Was The Quickest Way To The Ocean

However, this doesn’t always work, particularly if it was some little human half gremlin that decided that the toilet was a good place to dispose of things other than waste, like toys and action figures. When items that aren’t liquid or dissolve in water enter the piping they can get trapped and cause significant problems over time.


Toys and other non-disposable items can damage the piping or junctures, especially in older houses where the piping is weaker. You will also see significantly more normal clogs because there is less physical space in the piping. This is a bigger problem than a plunger can solve. A plunger only allows the pipes to free flow everything downstream. If there is an item stuck in the pipes it needs to be extricated not pushed further down.

Can’t I Just Snake The Problem?

Well, if it’s a hairball or something else that a “hook” could grab it is worth a try. The principle behind a snake is that the plastic barbs that line the sides can grab the material that is clogging the pipes. It can either pull the material out or at least loosen it so that it free flows down. So, if it is a toy or other non-flushable item, chances are you are not going to be able to plunger it or snake it out. Beyond those two options you will need to contact a professional.

Is This A DIY Fix?

When you need it fixed quick and fixed correctly then you need to call a professional. At Core Plumbing we are dedicated craftsmen that are completely committed to your satisfaction. Whatever the problem is we can quickly determine the clog and advise on a solution and possible paths forward. Plumbing can be difficult and dangerous to your home. Keep the liquids in the pipes and our number (858-538-6025) on your refrigerator.

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