How Plumbing Maintenance Can Prepare You for Storms

In the wintertime, homeowners in San Diego County can expect to endure some rainstorms. Occasionally, there’s a particularly aggressive rain season that produces excessive rainfall. These seasons can often cause damage and affect homeowners’ finances. Preventative maintenance can prepare your home for storms so that you don’t experience excessive water damage the next time a storm rolls in.

Risks & Damages Caused by Storms

Heavy rainfall often leads to clogged storm drains, backed-up sewers, and flooded neighborhoods. This can cause water damage to homes and properties in the area. So, how can homeowners take control of these unpredictable situations? The best solution is to take preventative measures and ensure that your plumbing system is maintained regularly. That way, when the storms hit, you can rest easy knowing that your systems are all working properly. Let’s dive into the different types of maintenance that can help protect your home.

Plumbing Maintenance to Prevent Further Damage

Core Plumbing professionals have all the plumbing knowledge and expertise to help ensure your property is running smoothly. Here are three things they can help with to prevent damage from storms:

Sewer Line Inspection: Calling a plumbing professional to inspect your sewer line will prevent catastrophic damage from cracks, roots, and debris that can be overlooked. If a sewer line is backed up, the raw sewage can come up and cause damage to your home.

Storm Drain Cleaning: If you see a storm coming soon on the weather report, take some extra time to clean out your storm drain and gutters.

Routine Maintenance: When you call in a plumbing company like Core Plumbing to do these routine maintenance checkups, they can also look through other aspects of the property to ensure you are all set for any storms on the horizon. These scheduled maintenance checkups are the key to preventing catastrophic damage from occurring.

Core Plumbing Can Help

Recently, San Diego has seen an influx of rain. Regular maintenance on your plumbing system can help prevent unexpected disasters that can occur during seasons of heavy rain. If you’re in need of a plumbing check-up, call the experts at Core Plumbing to conduct a screening and ensure that your system is functioning properly with no blockages or other possible issues. Call now or visit our website to schedule an appointment and set yourself up for success!