Top 5 Issues When You Need To Call A Plumber

Not Everything Is A DIY Project

No everyone is the Bob Vila on his block. That is okay. Even if you are a great handyman that doesn’t mean that you can fix every problem. It also doesn’t mean that you should fix every problem even if you could do it. Some problems require experienced professionals that can maneuver technical situations or problems that need permitted and inspections. Sometimes you just want it done better than if you could do it yourself or you just don’t have time to do them. Here is a short list of the top 5 issues that would most likely require a licensed plumber.

1.    Your House Has No Water

If your house has no water then there may be a problem not in the piping in your home but in the piping that leads to your home. The piping to your home could be buried under dirt, plants, trees, walls, or even concrete. If this needs to be dug up because of a leak or clog then you should push that responsibility off on the professionals who do it for a living. A trained crew can determine where the leak is and what exactly needs to be done by interfacing with the city or county water if necessary.

2.    You Have A Burst Water Line

If you have a burst water line then you will know about it immediately. However, sometimes it happens in locations that you can’t see. Maybe it is behind the wall or maybe it is in the wall. While water is filling up your rooms and home the last thing you want to worry about is actually finding the leak. A trained professional knows how to find a leak and knows exactly what to do solve the problem.

3.    You Have A Drainage Line Leak

A drainage line is the return line from your home to the sewer line. Do you really want to deal with the return line by yourself? It is completely okay if you do but this problem could be bigger or smellier than what you are willing to deal with.

4.    There Are Gaseous Smells In Your House

If you think there are sewer smells in your home then you need to know where that is coming from immediately. Stinky smells can permeate your home, cloths, furniture and being. You need a professional that can tell what to do to save your stuff and keep your home smelling fresh.

5.    Your Water Heater Has A Leak In The Gas Line

If there is any hint of gas in your home that may be connected to your water heater then you need to absolutely call a specialist. This is a health hazard and a dangerous situation. The leak could be coming from anywhere and leaking into all of the rooms. Not only do you need to call (858-538-6025) and connect with a professional but you also need to shut off the gas to your house.

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