Serious Toilet Problems That Require Instant Repair

All plumbing problems necessitate instant repairs because they can deteriorate into serious plumbing emergencies. But some plumbing problems are not quite as severe as others. For instance, you can’t compare a serious sewer backup in your bathroom with a slow leaking faucet. Sometimes you have to consider the severity of a plumbing problem before you rush to call in your local plumber. One of the most serious plumbing problems in the house is a toilet failure or malfunction. The toilet plays a very important role in waste disposal in the house. As such, the house cannot function without a working toilet. And even if you have other working toilets in your home, a faulty toilet can be a very serious health hazard to the occupants of your house. This is why you should always make haste and call your local plumber if you have a serious toilet problem. The following is a list of some of the most common and serious toilet problems that require instant repair.

Toilet Clogs

Like all other clogs in the plumbing system, toilet clogs require instant repair. Toilet clogs occur when there is something blocking the flow of waste down the toilet drain. The most common cause of toilet clogs is poor flushing habits. This is when toilet users dump all kinds of waste in the bowl and try to force it down the drain. The toilet is designed for disposing off only human waste and tissue paper. You should not use the toilet to dispose off any other bathroom products. You can try to unclog a toilet using a plunger or by snaking it with a plumber’s snake. If all these DIY remedies fail, you should request for San Diego clog services immediately to have your toilet unclogged by a professional. If you do not unclog your toilet immediately, it can overflow and cause a huge mess on your bathroom floor.

Toilet Leaks

Another common and very serious toilet problem that requires an instant solution is a toilet leak. Toilet leaks usually occur if there is a major crack in the toilet bowl or flushing tank. A toilet leak can also occur if the water supply pipes are damaged. A toilet leak is very serious because it can expose your home to human waste, which is a very dangerous health hazard. You should call a professional plumber as soon as you discover a leak in your toilet. The plumber will advise you whether to repair the crack or replace the leaking part or the whole toilet.

Flushing Problems

Flushing problems are very common in our toilet. But some are not very serious and maybe caused by temporary water pressure problems. But some faulty toilets have persistent flushing problems that can be very inconvenient and even hazardous. If your toilet is constantly unable to flush waste down the drain pipe, then you should call your local plumber for a professional inspection. The plumber will diagnose the problem and recommend the most viable solution.

Wobbling Toilet Bowl

A wobbling toilet should be fixed immediately. You should first inspect the toilet to determine whether it’s a simple case of loose bolts getting detached from the floor. But if the problem is far much serious, such as a water-damaged floor, then you should call a professional plumber for assistance.

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