Top 10 Questions To Ask a Plumber Before Hiring Them

When you hire any contractor, it can be scary putting your trust in them, especially if you know nothing about them or the issue you hire them to fix. You may overpay for a simple fix, or they might not even fix the problem in the first place, and you still get charged. You can find countless horror stories, funny images, and videos of inexperienced plumbers creating worse problems than the initial issue, but it’s not so humorous when it happens to you.  Don’t be afraid to ask a plumber a question if you have any. You want someone with the proper training and years of experience to handle any plumbing service you may require. Before you hire a plumber, consider asking them the following questions:

10 Essential Questions To Ask Any Potential Plumber

1. Is your company licensed, and are you?

This is a critical question to ask a potential plumber, as it will determine the quality of the work you receive. Plumbing companies require a business license in their state and at least one licensed master plumber. Ideally, you will want a company that employs multiple certified plumbers. A plumbing license requires two to five years of experience and a passing grade on a rigorous exam covering local codes, regulations, and the plumbing profession. A certified plumbing professional will ensure quality, long-lasting craftsmanship on your repairs or next project. If they cannot provide you with either license, you should probably look elsewhere.

2. Does your company have a certificate of insurance?

This is one of the most important questions because if the company doesn’t have adequate insurance, you could be left paying for any potential losses, injuries, damages, and repairs. Plumbing companies should have a certificate of insurance for both liability insurance and workers’ compensation. If the company cannot provide proof of either insurance, that indicates a potential problem, and you should not hire them.

3. Do you offer a warranty?

If a plumbing company will not stand behind its work and guarantee quality craftsmanship, you might want to steer clear. There may be valid reasons why a warranty doesn’t cover a particular job, but a professional plumber will explain them to you. However, most contractors will repair any problems related to the initial service provided within the first 30 days.

4. How many years of experience do you have?

You need to gauge the level of skill your potential plumber has, especially if you have a complicated or unusual plumbing issue. A simple fix might not require much experience, but a new plumber should still work under the supervision of a master plumber to ensure high standards of craftsmanship. You may also want to ask about the type of equipment for your particular job and their experience using it.

5. How do your prices and service fees work?

An accurate quote requires a thorough inspection of your plumbing problem from a certified professional, which often costs a service fee. An honest plumbing company will state their charges upfront so you don’t end up with an unauthorized bill.  You should also ask a plumber a question about their rates and travel fees. If they charge hourly or are far away, your project or repair could end up being costly. No matter the estimate, you should never have to pay the full price before the work is complete.

6. Will your company get the necessary permits?

If your plumbing project has the potential to harm sewer systems or residents if done improperly, it will likely require a permit from the city and an inspection to ensure everything falls within the state’s plumbing code. A certified plumbing contractor will fill out the necessary permits and schedule an inspection if your project requires it.

7. How long has your company been in business?

No matter what your job demands, you will want a plumbing company with a track record of excellent work. A brand new company may still have experienced contractors, but as a general rule of thumb, choose a company with a history in the industry and community.

8. What are your specialties?

If your plumbing job requires a certain skill level, you will want to ensure you hire the right person for the job. Ask about any specialties the contractor has and how they can help you with your repair, installation, or remodeling.

9. Will you leave me with advice on how to prevent future repairs?

Any good tradesman should care about their customers. Part of providing high-quality service consists of educating the customer on ways to avoid future problems. If they don’t offer you good advice, they may be relying on a call back to fix another problem down the line.

10. Can I see a few references and testimonials?

A quality craftsman shouldn’t hesitate to provide you with a list of references and reviews of their previous work. Follow up with the contacts provided and ask questions about their services, professionalism, and pricing. You can also find online reviews from former clients to see what others have to say about a particular plumbing company.

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