Beware Of Winter Plumbing Problems

The winter season brings all kinds of problems to our homes. We all suffer from the seething cold and even our lawns and gardens lose their vibrancy during the chilly weather. The home plumbing system is one of the most affected home areas by the cold winter season. If you do not prepare your plumbing system for the winter season, then you can expect some very serious problems in your home. You should always beware of the serious plumbing issues that can occur in your house during the winter season if things are left unchecked. For starters, your pipes can freeze during the winter season. Also, you home water heater can lose a lot of heat and also get damaged by the extremely cold weather. You also risk a leaking roof if you do not get everything ready before the winter season starts. That is why you should call a reliable San Diego plumbing company to help you prepare your plumbing system before winter. Let us now look at each of these winter-related plumbing problems and how you can avoid or fix them.

Frozen Pipes

One of the most common plumbing problems during the winter season is frozen pipes. The extremely low temperatures experienced during the winter season can freeze your water supply and even some of your drainage pipes. The water gets frozen inside the pipes thereby causing a major clog in your water supply pipes. This means that you will have a severe water shortage in your house. You can easily tell that your water supply pipes are frozen if you turn on your faucets and discover that there is only a small trickle of water flowing through. Lack of water should not be your only concern when your pipes are frozen. You should also be aware of the fact that the pipes can burst due to pressure buildup as the frozen clog blocks water flow inside the pipes. Burst pipes can cause extensive damage in your house. Not to mention the subsequent high repair bills for fixing or replacing the pipes. And although you can thaw your frozen pipes to get the water flowing again, freezing and thawing the pipes repeatedly can undermine their physical integrity, thereby causing leaks in the house. You can prevent frozen pipes by insulating all pipes that are away from the main house area and turning on the thermostat to an adequate temperature throughout winter.

Water Heater Malfunction

The cold winter temperatures can also cause your water heater to malfunction. If your water heater is not properly insulated, then it can contract and expand repeatedly as the temperature rises and falls. This can undermine the physical structure of the tank leading to cracks and leaks. A poorly insulated water heater can also lose a lot of heat during the winter season costing you huge energy bills. Ensure proper water heater insulation before winter.

Leaking Roof

Another serious winter plumbing issue comes in the form of a leaking roof. If your gutters and roof are not inspected and cleared regularly, winter snow can build up on the roof blocking the drainage of rain water and other debris from the roof. The accumulated weight can cause the roof to cave in or to start leaking. You should have the roof inspected and maintained regularly before and during the winter season.

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