DIY Kitchen Plumbing Tips For After Remo

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any household. The kitchen is the “nutritional headquarters” of a house. It’s the one room in the house that is fully dedicated to food and nutrition. And as we all know, food is the fuel that keeps us all going. This means that you should always ensure that your kitchen is in tiptop condition. One way of making sure that your kitchen is always in excellent working condition is to institute a strict maintenance routine in your home, especially after investing in a kitchen remodel. In this light, you should observe a regular inspection and maintenance routine of all the critical components in your kitchen. You should pay special attention to all kitchen fixtures and appliances during your inspection and maintenance runs. The following kitchen plumbing tips will help you cover all the critical sections of your kitchen plumbing system. Keeping them in good working order will help maintain the lifestyle your new remodel has brought.


Maintaining Kitchen Pipes


You should inspect all the pipes leading into and draining away from your kitchen regularly. Basically, a kitchen has two sets of piping systems. There is the inflow piping system that carries clean water from the main supply into the kitchen for all domestic uses including cooking, washing dishes, drinking etc. There is also the outflow piping system, which is also called the drainage system. That carries waste water from the kitchen into the sewer system. The two piping systems are very important in terms of functionality. As such, you should make a point of inspecting all these pipes for faults, breakages, and leaks on a regular basis. In case of any hitch or problem in your kitchen piping systems, call a professional plumber immediately.


Clearing Clogged Drains


One of the most important and problematic sections in a kitchen plumbing system is the kitchen drainage system. As mentioned above, the drainage system includes all pipes that lead waste water away from the kitchen to the sewer system. Kitchen drains are usually affected by the problem of clogging. This is where some huge chunks of debris or waste are trapped inside the kitchen drainage system thereby inhibiting the flow of waste water into the sewer system. Clogged kitchen drains usually occur below the sink. That is why many people install garbage disposal units between the sink drain and the trap. But sometimes the garbage disposal is unable to shred everything causing a serious clog in the sink. In such cases, call a professional plumber who offers kitchen drain services to unblock your kitchen drainage system, and to fix any fixture that might be compromised by the problem.


Fixing Kitchen Fixtures


Like in every other plumbing scenario, kitchen fixtures and appliances play an integral role in ensuring proper functionality of the whole plumbing system. Kitchen fixtures are some of the busiest installations in a home, which causes them to suffer massive wear-and-tear problems from time to time. As a homeowner, there are various basic remedies that you can use to fix faulty kitchen fixtures and appliances. For instance, you can use a plunger, hot water, or unclogging detergents to clear your kitchen drains. For more technical solutions like the repair of broken faucets, dishwashers, garbage disposals etc, call a licensed plumber ASAP.  The plumber who installed them during your kitchen remodel should be familiar with them and your specific situation and best be able to lend assistance.

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