Green Plumbing: 6 Ideas To Help Save the Environment & Lower Your Bills

There’s a reason environmental topics take up most news segments these days. The environment is hurting, and we need to do everything in our power to help salvage nature. A few minor changes in your daily life can help save this planet we love so much. Green plumbing is one way to accomplish this. Core Plumbing proudly serves the San Diego community with advanced green plumbing techniques that help protect nature and the environment. We use environmentally safe materials and vehicles during our plumbing jobs to help make San Diego, CA, one of the greenest places on Earth. 

What Is Green Plumbing? 

Green plumbing is a term that refers to any plumbing service or material that is environmentally safe. It involves the replacement of older plumbing systems with modern, environmentally-friendly ones.  Past generations didn’t have the knowledge that we have now about the condition of our environment. As time passes, more people are aware of how harmful our older systems are to the planet. Preventing pollution is one of the top priorities for this generation. That’s why every new plumbing system that comes out now focuses on being green. Home appliances such as toilets and showers can waste hundreds of gallons of water each day with the assistance of green plumbing.  Going green will not lower your standard of living. Everything will still perform to its maximum potential, and you are not compromising on anything. All you’re doing is eliminating the excess energy and water you use in your everyday life. Better yet, you will save a lot of money over time.  There are several plumbing methods that you can use in your home to protect the environment.

1. Install a New Water Heater 

Most green plumbing techniques involve stopping water wastage. One way to conserve water energy is to install a new water heater in your home. Efficient water heaters include on-demand, tankless, and solar. Prices for water heaters can be pricey. However, you will save money in the long run by reducing your monthly energy bill.  Create an isolating pipe that runs from your heat pump to your shower and bath. This method will help reduce the amount of heat you lose. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about running out of hot water. A water heater will improve your shower quality, cooking, and more, all while protecting the environment.  

2. Conserve Water 

To help environmental sustainability, try to reduce the amount of water you waste each day. There are multiple ways you can save water.  One is to change the water pressure level on your shower. Many showerheads come with the option to lessen or increase the level of pressure. Opt for a slower stream that doesn’t put out as much water. If you don’t have a showerhead that allows you to switch pressure levels, we highly recommend getting one.  You can also install reducers on your sink faucets. These reducers slow down the rate at which water expels from your faucets, saving water. 

3. Install a Water Filtration System 

San Diego homeowners should also make sure the water that they are using is clean and purified. One of the ways you can do this is to create a water filtration system for your home. These systems trap harmful bacteria that can infect your drinking water. They also help keep your water heater free of contaminants like chemicals and sediments.  You can also find filters for your sinks and showerheads that help weed out pollutants and microorganisms from your water stream. Alternatively, you can create a water recycling program that will purify your drinking water. 

4. Recycle 

Of course, the most popular environmental protection method is recycling. Valuable material like metal will run out eventually. Toronto homeowners should reuse as many materials as they can.  Recycling allows the world to waste less material. Plastic is not ideal for the environment. The goal for environmental conservators is to produce less plastic each year. Many restaurants today don’t use plastic straws for this reason.  Also, old pipes end up in landfills which are harmful to the environment. That’s why most plumbing companies like to discard plumbing materials themselves and do it in an environmentally safe way. 

5. Install Low-Flow Fixtures

Aside from carbon filters and adjustable shower heads, there are many low-flow fixtures you can take advantage of. For example, there are low-flow toilets. Toilets make up approximately one-third of all water expenditure in American households. And they waste six gallons of water with every flush.  That’s a lot of water waste. Toilets from the ’90s utilize more water than contemporary ones. Consider a replacement if yours is out-of-date. Look for a “WaterSense” label on a toilet for ultimate water conservation.  WaterSense products are all environmentally friendly and help you conserve as much water as possible. 

6. Evaluate Your Water System 

If you’re not sure where to start with your path towards a greener life, consider hiring a plumbing technician to come to inspect your water system. They will look for signs of waste and help recommend some methods that will help improve your environmental efficiency.  Experienced contractors will determine which areas of your home exert the most energy and provide economical solutions. These experts know how to save you money on energy bills.  You’ll be happy to know that a couple of minor changes can save you a noticeable amount of money per year. Call up your local plumbing company and see how they can be of service to you. 

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