How To Use The Water Meter To Confirm A Leak In Your House

The water meter is one of the most important plumbing control systems in the house. Other plumbing control systems include the water and gas main shutoff valve, the gas meter, and the electrical breaker boxes. The water meter is usually located in the front yard at the point where the main water supply line for your house connects with your water supply piping network. The water meter is mainly used to track the amount of water consumed in your household. This device is installed by the water supply company to maintain a record of your monthly water consumption and to help in the billing process. You should inspect your water meter regularly to ensure that it’s functioning properly. In addition to tracking your water consumption habits, the water meter can also be used to check for leaks in your home plumbing system. This is how you use your water meter to check for leaks in your house.

Record The Meter Reading

You have to leave the water on in the house if you want to confirm a leak with your water meter. Start by recording the meter reading somewhere. Record the number of units that have already been consumed in your house and keep that record for later reference. The most recommendable time for using your water meter to confirm a leak is at night when everybody is asleep and the plumbing system is free. But if you are alone in the house during the day, you can still use the water meter to confirm a leak. Just choose the appropriate time when the plumbing system is not being used by anyone.

Leave It For Some Time

Now that you have a record of all the water that you have consumed so far, you can leave the plumbing system alone for some time. Do not flush the toilet, use the dishwasher or washing machine for about three hours. This is enough time to confirm whether there is a leak in your home plumbing system or not.

Read The Meter Again After Some Time

After about three hours or so, check your water meter again and note the reading. If there is a difference between both readings, then you have a leak or several leaks in your house. Call a professional San Diego leak plumber to help locate and repair the leak(s).

Some Useful Tips To Stem A Leak

The first thing that you should do if you notice a water leak in your house is to turn off all the water. If you have an idea of where the leak could be coming from, you can turn off the water supply to that section of your plumbing system. Otherwise you should turn off the water supply to the whole house. But remember that a leak can also occur in your drainage and sewer system. Such leaks cannot be located or confirmed using a water meter. Anyway, start by shutting off all the water in your house. You should only shutoff the water if you are sure that there is a leak. But you cannot use the water meter to confirm leak after shutting off the water supply.

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