Plumbing Tips for Home Remodeling Projects

Plumbing is one of the most important aspects of a home remodeling and renovation project. When a renovation involves the bathroom, the kitchen, or the laundry room, plumbing details and fixtures should never be left out and should always be handled by a professional.

Renovation experts say it is essential that every homeowner has it all settled and clear the outcome that they desire from the renovation, and how they wish it could be executed. In terms of plumbing, it is crucial that every aspect of the bathroom remodeling be made clear to the plumbing contractor.

Home improvement website came up with tips on dealing with the plumbing aspect of a home remodeling project. In their blog post, they emphasized the importance of hiring a well experienced, licensed plumbing professional.

“Pin down your plumbing plan before calling plumbers. The plan does not need to be refined down to types and sizes of pipe and fittings; the plumber will do that. But you do need to know what you want the final result to be.  Most plumbers arrive ready to work.  If he or she works for themselves, time spent talking with you is downtime that cuts into their revenues.  If the plumber works for a company, they still need to be accountable for time spent doing something other than billing for work.”

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Bathroom Renovation Tips

Popular Mechanics meanwhile shared some expert tips for bathroom renovation. One of their suggestions is to ensure that the materials for the refurbishment, specifically those that deal with the over-all look and design are available and are on-hand.

“Big items like the vanity top and special-order tile can take several weeks to arrive. So be patient: Before you take a hammer or Sawzall to you bathroom, make sure everything you’re going to need— including the vanity, plumbing fixtures, any new lighting, the tub, and tile—is on hand. You might get frustrated waiting around for parts to arrive, but it’s better than tearing up your fixtures and having an unusable bathroom until the components arrive.”

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Plumbing Professionals Only

Home and Garden Television came up with pointers for homeowners who are planning a bathroom renovation project. While they did not discourage a Do-It-Yourself remodeling, they strongly recommended to the homeowners to never take on plumbing work on their own as it can do more harm than good.

“If you decide to manage some of the labor yourself, do anything but the plumbing. Unless you happen to be a trained professional, it’s a good idea to outsource projects like running pipe and installing intricate shower systems to this trade pro.”

The full article has been posted here.

Home renovations are a big project that needs to be taken seriously by any homeowner. Homeowners should be able to plan and budget it well, for it to be executed correctly.

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