Top 5 Questions Every Plumber Gets

When You Have A Plumbing Issue Do You Really Know The Answer?

If you have ever had a plumbing problem that isn’t an easy fix you probably had to call a professional to help you get the fluids flowing again. To help you out next time this list is a short and very abbreviated list of some of the top questions asked to every plumber ever all the time in every location by every types of person. Note we fully understand that compiling this list will not stop people from asking. We welcome all questions and enjoy educating out potential and current clients.

1.    The Water Isn’t Draining Out Of My Dishwasher. Can I Do Anything To Resolve The Problem Before Calling A Plumber?

You could try a liquid de-clogging solution. Food or hard particles are most likely clogging up the return pipe. This could have happened over time or it could be a momentary clog. It is hard to tell unless the clog is actually removed. If it is an old build up then a liquid de-clogging solution most likely won’t fix the problem and you will need to reach out to a pro.

2.    My Garbage Disposal Stopped Working. What Do I Do?

With anything electrical the first thing to do is to unplug it and see if that outlet is working. Try plugging in your phone charger to the same outlet. If it isn’t the outlet then you need to make sure the disposal isn’t clogged. If that isn’t the issue either then you most likely have a burnt out engine. The whole thing will need to be replaced.

3.    What Causes A Faucet To Leak?

Leaky faucets are a main stay for home plumbing issues. These issues are relatively easy to fix although an experience individual or technician may be required if the faucet fixtures themselves are broken. The main issues are usually the O-rings. They can get bent out of shape or break or wear down to the point that the valves don’t work as well as designed.

4.    Why Do My Pipes Rattle And Make Noise?

If you are hearing rattling noises either when you turn your water on or when you send water and waste down then those pipes are not correctly fastened to a wall or post. This is an easy enough DIY project if you know which pipes are rattling and you can get easy access to them. However, once they become out of reach or there is a wall in your wall the advice would be to bring in a pro team to keep you safe from accidents.

5.    What Uses The Most Water In My Home?

For a single use most people would say that the shower or the tub would be the most wasteful in terms of volume of water. In those discrete instances they would be right. However, taken as a whole over time the toilet is actually the most wasteful water appliance in the home. Upgrading the toilet can significantly change your water usage.

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