5 Things To Know About Trenchless Pipe Repair And Replacement

Trenchless pipe repair and replacement is one of the most popular plumbing technologies. This is a modern plumbing technology that is used to repair and replace damaged underground water o sewer lines. Trenchless technology is not used in the plumbing industry alone. It’s also used in the construction industry and in civil engineering. As the name implies, trenchless technology does not involve the digging of trenches. When in use in the plumbing industry, trenchless technology offers a simpler solution for repairing and replacing sewer lines and underground water supply pipes. Trenchless technology has replaced the tradition dig-and-replace method of fixing underground pipes. Now you can repair or replace any damage or old worn-out sewer line without excavating or digging up your yard. But you need the right tools and equipment to implement this technology. This is where your local plumbing company comes in. Anyway, there are several things that you need to know about trenchless pipe repair and replacement and we will cover the most important ones below.

There Is No Excavation

As mentioned above, trenchless pipe repair and replacement does not involve the digging of any trenches. There is no excavation involved. What happens is that the plumber digs up two points where the underground pipe starts and ends. The repair or replacement pipe is then inserted at one point and pulled out at the other. It goes inside the old damaged pipe. This means that you will not have plumbers digging up your yard to race the whole length of the damaged pipe. They will simply insert a new pip at one point and pull it out at the other end. Trenchless pipe repair and replacement is one of the most popular San Diego plumbing repair service on offer today.

It’s Eco-Friendly

Because it doesn’t involve the excavation of the ground, trenchless pipe repair and replacement is very environmentally friendly. Compared to the traditional dig-and-replace method where the plumber had to excavate the whole length of the pipe, trenchless technology is very eco-friendly. Remember that while digging to reach the damaged pipe using the traditional method, the plumber used to uproot vegetation cover, trees, and damage the ground, but with trenchless pipe repair and replacement, there is no environmental intrusion.

Saves Time And Money

Trenchless pipe repair and replacement requires minimal labor and consumes less time and money. This is because you do not have to dig up your entire yard to reach the damaged pipes and to install the new ones. You will spend considerably less time and money repairing or replacing your old worn-out pipes using trenchless technology.

A Quality And Long-Lasting Solution

Trenchless technology is developed in such a way that it conforms to existing industry standards. This means that even the pipes that are installed using this method are of very high quality. The trenchless pipe repair and replacement method is used to repair and replace old low quality pipes with new high quality ones.

Safe And Accurate

With the traditional dig-and-replace method, huge holes were excavated in the ground. These holes posed a serious safety hazard in the yard. The traditional dig-and-replace method was also not very accurate. The plumbers dug up whole sections of the yard to reach the underground pipe. But with trenchless pipe repair and replacement, there are no gapping unsafe holes in your yard and the whole process is very accurate.



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