Advantages Of Installing Plastic Pipes In Your Plumbing System

Of late, plastic pipes have become quite popular in the plumbing industry. Most people are still skeptical about the functionality and reliability of plastic pipes in the plumbing industry. But plastic has proven to be a better material in the piping industry than most metals. Originally, most plumbing pipes were made of lead. People were not aware of the risk of lead poisoning back then. Now we have to replace all those old lead pipes with other metallic or plastic pipes to avoid lead poisoning. This is one of the advantages of plastic; it does not pose the problem of lead poisoning. Steel pipes became the better option after lead was ruled out. But steel rusts after several decades of usage, which is another pro for plastic. Copper has remained the most popular metal for manufacturing plumbing pipes. But copper is far more expensive than plastic. As you can see, plastic is perhaps the best material for producing plumbing pipes. But you should also note that not all types of plastic are suitable for manufacturing plumbing pipes. For instance, some PVC pipes cannot carry hot water and even the tough CPVC pipes have longevity issues. Cross-linked polyethylene or PEX is the best material for manufacturing plumbing pipes. Below are some of the advantages of installing PEX plumbing pipes in your home.

Cheaper Than Metallic Pipes

One of the main reasons why plastic pipes are so much popular than metallic plumbing pipes in the San Diego plumbing industry today is the price. Generally, plastic is cheaper to produce than metal. It follows that plastic plumbing pipes are cheaper to manufacture than metallic ones, which means that they cost less. In fact, PEX plumbing pipes cost about 30% less than copper pipes. This is one of the main reasons why you should install PEX pipes in your plumbing system. You will save a significant amount of money of you follow the plastic route.

No Corrosion

Another advantage of installing plastic pipes in your plumbing system is that they do not corrode. And this applies to all types of plastic. Plastic does not corrode or rust. This is the main reason why plastic plumbing pipes are preferred to steel plumbing pipes. Remember that corrosion wears out the pipe and cusses it to break down. A steel pipe will rust and get worn-out with age. But a PEX plumbing pipe, even one installed underground, will not rust or corrode.


Plastic plumbing pipes are quite flexible. The biggest problem with metallic tubes is that they are very rigid. Cross-linked polyethylene tubing is highly flexible and is therefore easier to install. Plastic plumbing pipes are easy to install even in problematic areas like underground. The flexibility of this material enables the plumber to insert it in any location or site. Plastic pipes are also the recommended choice for underground pipe repairs and replacements. You can repair or replace your old damaged underground water supply or sewer lines with PEX pipes using trenchless technology.


Plastic is very durable. The material does not react with many agents in the environment. Plus plastic does not corrode or rust like steel. This means that your plastic plumbing pipes will last for a very long time. This means that plastic pipes offer a durable and cost-effective plumbing solution.

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