Common Impurities Found In Tap Water

Tap water is not always clean. You might be surprised to find some impurities in your tap water. If you get your tap water from a water supply company, then the presence of impurities can be quite shocking. It can be an indication of a water main burst. It could also be a problem of impurities from the source. If you have a well in your home, then your tap water can have some impurities from time to time. You can leave the taps running for a while to get rid of the dirt. There are very many different types of impurities that you can find in tap water. The first thing that you should do when you notice impurities in your tap water is to call your water supply company. And if your water comes from a well, you should call a local plumber for assistance. Any plumbing company that provides San Diego whole house water filtration services will be able to help you with your water supply problems. The company can install a water purifier or softener in your house to remove all the impurities in your tap water. Some of the most common impurities found in tap water include.


Dirt in your tap water can cause discoloration. You will also not be able to use dirty water for your cleaning, drinking, washing, bathing, showering, and cooking needs. Dirt, silt, and sand can occur in your tap water due to a break or burst in your water supply main pipe. You are advised to call your water supply company immediately you notice such a problem. But if you get your tap water from a well, then you need to call your local plumber to diagnose and fix the problem.


Minerals or metals are very common impurities in tap water in many parts of the country. When you have an unusually high content of minerals or metals in your tap water, then you have a hard water problem. Hard water usually contains high levels of iron, calcium, sodium, magnesium, aluminum, and any other metals. This water is very problematic when cleaning, showering, bathing, or drinking. Firstly, hard waster tastes funny. This makes it unsuitable for drinking. Secondly, hard water does not produce enough lather and it doesn’t rinse properly. This makes it unsuitable for bathing, showering, washing dishes, and doing laundry. Thirdly, the mineral deposits in hard water accumulate in your plumbing, pipes, fixtures, and appliances leading to damages. Do not hesitate to call your local plumbing company if you detect or suspect a hard water problem in your home.


Rust is another common impurity in tap water. Rust can occur in your tap water if your water supply pipes are corroded. It can also originate from the water supply company. The good news is that small amounts of rust are not harmful to your health. But rust makes water taste funny. That is why you need to inform your local plumbing company if you notice rust in your tap water.

Rubber & Carbon

Rubber is very common in your water supply piping network. The rubber in your pipes or hoses can start to disintegrate especially if your water is treated with chlorine. These rubber bits can end up in your tap water. Call your local plumber immediately to have this problem fixed. Carbon is used in a water filtration system to trap all impurities. But the carbon can wear out and start flowing in your pipes. Replace the filter or cartridge to get rid of these carbon specks.

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