How to Deal with Leaking Pipes

Homeowners who have problems involving leaking pipes should address this plumbing issue right away. Leaking pipes can cause a lot of trouble for any homeowner, and the issues go beyond what is visible.

Leaking pipes can bring about a host of problems which include:

  1. Increase in water bills. Unintended water consumption through leaks can jack up utility bills. When the monthly water bill suddenly increases without any alteration on consumption and usage practices, then leaking pipes are likely the culprit. The best thing to do is to have a licensed plumbing contractor conduct a thorough inspection to detect leaks within the house’s plumbing system.
  2. Accidents and injuries. Leaking pipes that drip water in certain portions of the home can be a safety hazard. A homeowner can only do so much than pick up a bucket hoping that it will not spill over, lest get run down by playful children. Moreover, leaks that form puddles in any part of the home can likewise increase the likelihood of electrical shocks, and even electrocution.
  3. Water Damage. One of the most common causes of water damage inside a home are leaking pipes. Some leaks occur beneath the floor or behind the walls, causing warping and changes in texture. It can also cause premature rotting of the house’s structure.
  4. Molds and Mildew. Molds can grow anywhere there is moisture. Pipes leak more than just damp, and in less than 48 hours can pave the way for mold growth. The complicated thing about leaking pipes is it can give an idea to undetected mold growth. It is not uncommon for some household with pipe leaks to have molds behind its walls and floorings. The only indicator of a mold problem is the musty odor that molds produce.

What Causes Pipes to Leak?

Some of the common causes of a leaking pipe include pipe corrosion, freezing pipes, degradation of the sealing material used to join pipes, damage in the pipe joints of the plumbing fixtures such as when a cabinet with piping has been overfilled, unaddressed clogs within the pipeline, and excessive water pressure. Another possible reason, but a long shot at that is a mistake or error in laying the piping within the plumbing system. United Association

Dealing with a leaky pipe

Once the homeowner is sure that there is a leaking pipe in his house’s plumbing system, the best thing that he can do is to seek the services of a licensed plumbing contractor. If the leak is quite excessive, then the homeowner can turn off the valve leading to the leaking pipe while waiting for the emergency plumber to arrive. In some cases, the leaking water can be caught by a bucket.

As for prevention, the best way to avoid leaking pipes is to have a licensed plumbing contractor carry out annual plumbing maintenance checks.

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