How To Fix A Leaking Pipe

Water Leaks are some of the most common and most wasteful plumbing problems at home. Water leaks can occur in the water supply pipes, the connecting pipes, the drainage and sewer lines, and in various plumbing fixtures and appliances. Leaking pipes are perhaps the most common types of leaks at home. In other words, most water leaks occur in the pipes. This is mainly because the piping network is the biggest section of the whole plumbing system. The most common and problematic leaks occur in the water supply pipes. These pipes can start leaking when they are cracked, punctured, corroded, and/or frozen. Leaks in the water supply pipes can lead to a lot of water wastage at home. One of the main problems with these types of leaks is that they can occur in concealed pipes. Some water supply pipes are installed inside walls. If these concealed pipes start leaking, then you need to call a professional plumber for assistance. If you are a business owner and you suspect or detect a water leak in your commercial building, then you need to request San Diego commercial plumbing services for a timely and permanent fix. If you are a homeowner and you notice a leak in an easily accessible pipe, then you should do the following.

Turn Off The Water

The very first thing that you should do when you notice a leak is to turn off the water or gas at the main shutoff valve. Leaks can also occur in gas lines and gas appliances. But today we are going to focus on water leaks only. If you notice a heavy leaking pipe in the house, turn off all the water in the house to avoid water wastage and flooding. But if the leak is not very heavy, then you can try to repair the pipe before calling a professional plumber. A minor leak will not necessitate total water shutoff. You can continue using the water in your house after implementing the following DIY repairs.

Improvise And Use Ordinary Materials

Before you call a professional plumber or before the plumber arrives, you can stem the leak using ordinary materials. You will have to improvise and use the available materials to seal the leaking part. Use these materials if you do not have enough time to rush to your local hardware store. You wrap the leaking section with electrician’s tape. You can also apply putty on the leaking section. If the leak is coming out of a hole in the pipe, you can stick a pencil or any other object to seal the leaking hole. You can also wrap the leaking section with a plastic bag and hold it firmly using rubber bands. This will help reduce the leak temporarily until the plumber arrives.

Patch The Pipe

If you have some hardware supplies in your home, you can repair pipes more effectively. You can patch the pipe using pipe wraps or using epoxy compounds. You can also apply a new pipe section on the leaking part of the pipe.

Call A Professional Plumber

After stemming the leak with ordinary materials, you can now call a professional plumber for assistance. The plumber will inspect the leak and implement a permanent solution, such as pipe replacement.

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