How To Prep Your Home For A Plumbing Service Call

Plumbing service calls are usually charged on an hourly basis. This means that the longer the service takes the higher the charges. You can reduce the amount of money you spend on service calls substantially by ensuring that the least possible time is spent on your plumbing problem. In other words, you will pay relatively less if you ensure that the plumbers working on your plumbing problem take as little time as possible. One effective way of reducing the amount of time spent on a service call is prepping the service area in advance before the plumbers arrive. Before you request for San Diego plumbing repair services, you should prepare the plumbing site such that the technicians will get to work immediately they arrive n the site. The professional plumbers should not waste their time clearing clutter form the plumbing site or switching of various appliances before working on your problem. You should have done or the preparation stuff before they arrive. The following article offers various tips on how to prep your home before a plumbing service call.


Shut Off The Water


The first thing that you should do before the plumbers arrive in your home is to shut off the water at the main shutoff valve. This will enhance safety in your home during the plumbing service call and also save you substantial time when the plumbers arrive. Notably, the plumbers will insist in shutting off the water before handling any plumbing problem. It is therefore very reasonable that you shut off water beforehand at the main shutoff valve. And FYI, the main water shutoff valve is usually located near water meter in your home. The main water shutoff valve and the water meter are usually placed in a protective housing. Even if you won’t shut off the water beforehand, you should at least locate the shutoff valve and remove the lid from the housing to save the plumber’s time.


Shut Off The Power


It is never quite safe to work a plumbing site when the power is still on in your home. As such, depending on the nature of your plumbing problem, you should locate the breaker boxes in your home before the plumbers arrive. And in case the plumbing problem has something to do with an electrical or gas-powered plumbing appliance, such as a water heater or dishwasher, then you should disconnect the malfunctioning appliance immediately. Locating the breaker boxes before the plumbers arrive will save them a lot of time, which translates into lower service charges for you.


Clear The Work Area


The other thing that you should do before the plumbing team arrives in your home is to clear out the affected plumbing site. You should make sure that the plumbing site is not littered with all kinds of household items when the plumbers arrive. If you do not clear all the clutter from the plumbing site before the plumbers arrive, technicians will waste precious minutes removing various items from the site instead of focusing on the plumbing problem at hand. Clear the worksite, turn off the water and electricity and then await the plumbers for your service call.

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