How To Prepare For Water Leak Repairs In Your House

It’s very important that you prepare yourself before making any plumbing service call. Before you call your local plumber or while awaiting his arrival, you should prepare your house, and more specifically the worksite, accordingly. Remember that most plumbers charge by the hour. This means that the plumber will charge you for the amount of time spent in your home. If the plumber arrives in your home and finds the whole place cluttered and inaccessible, he will waste a lot of time clearing the worksite before implementing the actual repairs. This means that you will spend a lot of extra money on your plumbing repairs simply because the place was in a mess. If you detect or suspect a plumbing leak in your house, do not hesitate to request professional San Diego leak detection and repair services. But while awaiting the plumber, prepare your house and the worksite to minimize the service charges. This is how you should prepare your house for water leak repairs.

Shut Off The Water

The first thing that you should after noticing a leak in your house is to shut off the water supply. This will stem the leak and prevent flooding in your house. And to veer off topic a bit, you should also do the same for a gas leak. If you ever detect or suspect a gas leak in your house, turn of the gas supply at the main shutoff valve. Anyway, back to your water leak problem, stop the water flow in the leaking section or in your whole plumbing system if you are not sure where the leak is coming from. That is why all homeowners are advised to acquaint themselves with their plumbing systems, so that they can know where these control systems are located.

Clean Up The Water Spill

Before the plumber arrives, you shout try to clean up the water spill from the leak. Depending on how heavy the leak is, you can have a limited or a sizable water spill. You can clean up a little water using a duster or towel. But if you have heavy leak and the water spill is quite large, you should get all the necessary tools to clean it up. You can use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to suck the water from the ground. You can then use towels to clean up the remaining water. Box fans will comes in handy to dry the floor and/or wall. A dehumidifier will get rid of all the moisture from the air. Serious water leaks can cause flooding and this might require a water pump to remove all the spilled water. Many plumbing companies offer this kind of service.

Try To Locate The Leak

As you wait for the plumber, you can try to locate the source of the water leak. Some leaks are quite visible. But if the leak is in a pipe concealed inside a wall, then you might have a hard time locating the source.

Prepare The Worksite

You should remove all clutter from the worksite before the plumber arrives. Clear the worksite where the leak is located to enhance accessibility. The plumber will now have an easy time accessing the leaking section and implementing repairs. Make sure that you hire a punctual plumber for timely repairs.

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