Why You Should Have a Professional Plumbing Company Unclog Your Drains

Drains getting clogged is one of the most common plumbing problems homeowners face. It is also one of the most common sources of DIY repairs going wrong. If a plunger doesn’t unclog a drain, you may want to skip out on trying drain chemicals and call a professional plumber instead. Here is why you should hire a professional plumbing company to unclog your drains: 

DIY Products Can Make Things Worse

Not all homes are built the same way and not all drain cleaners use the same chemicals. This can cause problems for homeowners. Chemicals that are poured down the drain are intended to break down blockages to allow water to pass through. The wrong chemical, however, can react with pipes and break down your plumbing instead. This can ruin your plumbing and result in expensive repairs. 

Professionals Have Equipment and Experience 

Not all drains are clogged up for the same reason. A toilet may be clogged because a child’s toy was accidentally flushed. A kitchen sink may have food debris stuck. A bathtub drain may be blocked by hair. Professionals have the experience to determine exactly what is causing blockages and the right tools to take care of it quickly and efficiently. Most drains can be unclogged by a professional in a matter of minutes, giving you time to go about your day and not have to worry about a clogged drain leading to bigger problems. 

Professionals Keep Your Home Safe And Risk-Free

When you hire a bonded and insured professional plumber, you aren’t simply getting someone to take care of your repairs. You are getting peace of mind because professionals carry insurance. If anything goes wrong during a DIY repair, your homeowner’s insurance is not going to pay for it. With a professional plumber, however, you will not be on the hook if unexpected damages arise. 

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