Can You Do Water Heater Repair and Installation Yourself?

The short answer is no, you should not do water heater installation or repair yourself. Not only is repairing a water heater difficult, but it can also lead to serious expenses if done incorrectly and can be a potential risk to the safety of you and your home. If you need water heater repair or plan on having a new water heater installed, here are a few reasons you should always call a plumber:

Plumbers Prevent Explosions

Seriously. If you have a new water heater, especially one that is powered by gas, an incorrect installation can result in an explosion. If the gas line is not installed and calibrated correctly, it can lead to a buildup of gas. When this buildup is ignited by the pilot light, it can cause an explosion that not only ruins your heater but probably results in calling the fire department.

Incorrect Installations Put Your Family at Risk

Colorless and odorless, carbon monoxide is a very dangerous gas that can be fatal if left unnoticed. Unfortunately, water heater installations that are not done correctly can result in a carbon monoxide leak. If a tiny leak goes unnoticed during a DIY installation, that small leak can slowly cause carbon monoxide buildup in your home over time. Professionals will install your water heater and use specialized equipment to check for any types of leaks.

Plumbers Make Sure You Meet Standards

Nowadays, there are many warning labels on warranties that state DIY installations may not be covered if your water heater needs to be returned. Professional plumbers have extensive knowledge about all industry leading water heaters, and make sure that they are installed according to manufacturer standards. This way you don’t have to worry about voiding your warranty or being on the hook if something goes wrong during the installation phase of your new water heater.

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