Trouble Shooting A Hot Water Heater With No Hot Water

What Could Be The Problem?

If you have ever gotten up in the morning and jumped into the shower and found that ice cubes are coming out of your shower then you know that a broken hot water heater is a serious issue. It is hard to do anything without hot water. Think of all of the uses of hot water, showers, washing your hands and face in the sink, more showers, washing the dishes in the sinks, hot lovely showers, using the dish washer, even more hot and lovely showers, cloths washing machine, and hot and lovely and contemplative full body showers.


Hot water is a part of modern life. To not have it would mean a loss of a daily restorative routine. It makes sense that you would want to fix it as soon as possible. However, diagnosing the problem could be difficult if you are not an experienced handyman. There are only a couple of issues that can be done DIY. Relighting the pilot light is probably the easiest DIY fix that doesn’t required a trained professional.


Beyond that, replacing a thermocouple is another project that may be able to be fixed DIY. However, you need to be sure that you can do it yourself. If you are unsure of any issues that are arising then you absolutely need to contact a professional that can better gauge the issues. It could be that your water heater is totally bust. If it is bust how long would it take to figure out that you need a new one? A licensed plumber and technician can tell almost immediately.

Is The Entire Water Heat A Bust?

Planning out how to fix a “no hot water” situation can get extensive depending on the issues involved. If it entails fully replacing a hot water heater there are a lot more questions and issues to discuss. Here are a few questions that could be raised:


  • Do you need a different sized hot water heater?
  • Was the first one installed properly and up to code?
  • Are there new codes since the last one was installed?
  • Do you want to upgrade to an electric, gas, or tankless water heater?
  • Are there any installation issues involved in upgrading?
  • Is the electrical up to par if you want an electric or tankless water heater?

Is This A DIY Fix?

Sometimes it is just better to bring in a professional team. At Core Plumbing we have the expertise to tell if your current water heater can be saved with a simple fix or if you need to upgrade and what that means to your home. If you are even considering upgrading then you need to know if your home is a viable candidate for the upgrade. We can price out any upgrades and provide a schedule to tell you want it would take. However, if we can provide a simple fix to keep your water warm we will do that as well. Reach out (858-538-6025) and we can chat about your options.

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