How Dangerous Is a Gas Leak: 7 Effects to You and Your Home

Over 65 million households in the United States use natural gas to power gas appliances like furnaces and gas stoves. The gas will only emit water vapor and carbon dioxide with proper combustion, making natural gas a clean energy source. However, a natural gas leak is a dangerous situation.  You might ask yourself, “How dangerous […]

The Crucial Role of Plumbers in Gas Line Installation

The DIY spirit is rich in America. It is not uncommon for people to remodel entire houses themselves or even build one from the ground up. However, there are a few jobs you have to leave to the professionals. No matter how skilled you might be, hiring a professional is often safer and more effective […]

4 Reasons to Call A Plumber (Other Than A Leaky Faucet)

When most people think plumber, they picture the faucet that won’t stop dripping or the toilet that never seems to shut off. What you may not know is that professional plumbing services do a lot more than take care of drips and leaks. Here are a few things professional plumbing companies like Core Plumbing can […]