The Importance of Your Water Heater’s Regular Maintenance

Your water heater plays a pivotal role in the function of your plumbing system. The experts recommend water heater regular maintenance to keep this device in excellent condition. Maintenance appointments can help you avoid costly repairs and extend the life of the water heater. You can learn more with the best water heater repair specialists […]

Tips for Diagnosing Water Heater Problems

We’ve all been there before. You’re about to shower or do the dishes and suddenly, there is no access to hot water and now your whole day is thrown off. What is your next move? You can start by gaining an understanding of basic plumbing.  With this knowledge, you can identify the root cause of […]

Water Heater Overheating: Causes and Course of Action

Every house needs hot water, but water that is too hot can be dangerous. If the water temperature from your faucet is too high, there could be a problem with your water heater. Keeping your water heater at a high temperature can cause overheating, heater damage, and costly repairs.  The team at Core Plumbing put […]

How Often Should You Flush Your Water Heater: Benefits and Risks

If you have been wondering, “How often should you flush your water heater?” you’re in the right place. Learn more about water heater repair here. It can be easy to forget about your water heater after installation. That is, until the water pressure or shower temperature in your home changes suddenly. Fortunately, there are simple […]

7 Most Common Tankless Water Heater Problems

Tankless water heater problems are common, but it is still a far more sustainable way to heat any amount of water for your home. Every tankless heater solution will need regular maintenance on the electricity or gas line to offer energy-efficient performance year-round. If you want to avoid emergency water heater repair in San Diego, […]

A New Homeowner’s Guide: Facing Low Water Pressure—What to Know

Going from renting an apartment to owning a house is a big achievement for any individual! After years of saving up, boosting your credit score, choosing a mortgage, and finding the right property, you’re finally taking that major step in becoming a homeowner. It must feel like a dream come true! Owning a home is […]

Can You Do Water Heater Repair and Installation Yourself?

The short answer is no, you should not do water heater installation or repair yourself. Not only is repairing a water heater difficult, but it can also lead to serious expenses if done incorrectly and can be a potential risk to the safety of you and your home. If you need water heater repair or […]

Tankless Water Heaters: Should You Get One?

When the hot water runs out because the dishwasher or cloths washer is on while you are in the bathroom the only thing you can blame is your under sized storage water heaters. No one likes to get hit with a bolt of cold water right when they are getting the shampoo out of their […]

How To Save On Water Heater Upgrades

What Does It Mean To Save? Depending on your situation you could be faced with multiple issues. The first one and most likely the most troubling to deal with on a daily basis is the lack of enough hot water. If you upgrade to a large tank size you may end up paying more monthly […]

Trouble Shooting A Hot Water Heater With No Hot Water

What Could Be The Problem? If you have ever gotten up in the morning and jumped into the shower and found that ice cubes are coming out of your shower then you know that a broken hot water heater is a serious issue. It is hard to do anything without hot water. Think of all […]