Proper Use And Maintenance Of Garbage Disposals

A garbage disposal or disposer unit is used for shredding food waste into minute pieces that are passed through the plumbing system without blocking or clogging the drainage pipes. A garbage disposal usually uses electrical power to rotate the shredder that grinds the organic waste into pulp. As such, a garbage disposal unit qualifies as both a plumbing appliance as well as an electrical device. This means that you should be extra careful when operating this installation to avoid duo system setbacks. It is recommendable that you hire a San Diego plumbing company who handles appliance installation if you wish to install, repair, or replace your garbage disposal unit. Here we will only share basic tips on proper usage and maintenance of a garbage disposal. For more technical queries, consult a professional plumber in your area of residence.

Proper Use

There are several dos and don’ts that govern the handling of a garbage disposal unit. In this section we will look at proper usage and operation of a garbage disposer. Firstly, you should always run lots of water while using the garbage disposal to get rid of your food waste. For instance, one pound of food waste requires about a quarter standard sink of cold water. You should plug the sink first and fill it up accordingly before turning on the disposal and then releasing the water. Lots of water clears the food waste and any other debris from the disposal. You should leave water flowing for a quarter of a minute more after the shredding ends to cleanse out everything from the disposal as well as the drain pipe. Secondly, you should use a little ice inside the disposal to cleanse the shredding area. Make sure the drain stopper is in place when doing so to avoid damages from flying ice particles. Thirdly, make a point of using a disposal cleaner or degreaser from time to time to cleanse out excess fats, oils, and greases, which may cause clogging and bad odors, from the inside of your garbage disposal.

Improper Use

To ensure the proper functionality and durability of your garbage disposal, avoid all these harmful practices. Do not use the disposal to eliminate fats and grease in your home. These will build up inside the disposal and the drainage pipes causing clogs and nasty backups in your sink. Do not pout insoluble debris, lots of tough vegetables and fruit peels all at once, and personal effects in the garbage disposal. These will not be shredded by the disposal and will hence end up clogging the drains in your kitchen. Do not use hot water during shredding; stick to cold water. You should however run hot water through the garbage disposal after the use. And last but not least, avoid using harsh detergents to clean your disposal.


Hire a professional plumber to snake your kitchen drain line on a yearly basis. Consult a professional plumber in your area regarding proper maintenance practices for your garbage disposal. And lastly, shred citric fruit peels like oranges and lemons regularly. The acidity of these peels helps cleanse bad odors from the disposal and to kill and inhibit bacterial growth.

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