Gas Leak Detection

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Gas Leak Detection

What Is a Gas Leak?

Natural gas is an important energy source that is used throughout residences and businesses. Dwellings and businesses have pipes and containers that deliver gas to power appliances and provide space heating as well as other important uses. These pipes and containers are specially made to contain the gas but they can corrode over time making it difficult to contain the gas, resulting in a leak. They can also be damaged by natural disasters or renovations. Also, incorrect installations of pipes and/or appliances that use gas can also cause leaks.

Signs to Look For in a Gas Leak

Gas is not quite visible to the human eye which makes it difficult to detect visually. Also, natural gas and methane are odorless gases so detecting them by smell is almost impossible. As this can be dangerous, gas suppliers now add a gas called mercaptan to their supply in order to provide an odor that can be detected. This gives it an odor described as similar to sulfur or rotten eggs. If gas is leaking through a punctured container, it could potentially provide a sound as it’s escaping into the air.

Similar to water leaks, you may also notice that your utility bill is higher than normal. If your utility bill suddenly spikes and you haven’t increased your usage, this could be an indicator that you have a gas leak. Physical symptoms will also help indicate a gas leak. Exposure to gas can cause symptoms like headaches and nausea.

Why Is Gas Leak Detection So Important?​

When gas leaks it can rapidly spread into its surrounding area. This is dangerous as it can cause harm to people, plants, and animals via carbon monoxide poisoning. If a gas leak has been going on long enough to create a significant amount in a concentrated space, it can also result in an explosion if triggered by an ignition source. 

What Should Be Done if a Gas Leak Is Suspected?

If you suspect there could be a gas leak in your home or business you should leave the area immediately and call us as soon as you’re a safe distance away. Our team of gas leak detection experts can detect, identify, and repair gas leaks to keep your home, family, and pets safe. Call 858-538-6025 to have help sent your way.

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