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Getting an Instant Hot Water System

What Is an Instant Hot Water System

Instant hot water systems are compact and cost-efficient appliances used to deliver hot water to households. Traditional hot water systems consist of large cylindrical tanks that store water and require energy to regularly maintain the water at a higher temperature. Instant hot water systems do not require water storage, large tanks, or frequent temperature regulation to deliver hot water. They function by running water through a valve that passes through a gas or electric-powered burner that heats up the water as it runs through it and then delivers it directly to your faucet or appliance. Every instant hot water system has a maximum capacity of water it can heat up at a time which is measured by GPM (gallons per minute). This is an important factor to consider based on the size of your household and your need for hot water.

Benefits of Instant Hot Water Systems

With energy usage and rising utility costs becoming a frequent topic, more households are looking for ways to conserve energy and save money. So how do you cut energy use and save money without drastically affecting your household routines? When analyzing costs, hot water systems are often the quickest way to lower energy use and reduce costs.

Traditional hot water systems store water in a large tank and regularly consume energy to consistently maintain the stored water at a higher temperature. While hot water is a household necessity, these appliances require space and a lot of energy to deliver hot water. However, since instant hot water systems do not require a tank to store water, these systems can be compact and require a lot less space. Since instant hot water systems perform on an on-demand basis, they only use energy to heat up water when requested which in turn results in lower household emissions and lower energy costs.

When looking at instant hot water systems, there are two main options to choose:

  1. Gas-Fired Instant Hot Water Systems– Powered by natural gas, they may be cheaper to operate but have higher upfront costs because they require a connection to the gas line and chimney to expel flue gases. 
  2. Electric Instant Hot Water Systems– Powered by electricity, they are cheaper and easier to install but more costly to operate on a monthly basis.

Instant Hot Water System Installation

If you’re looking for a more energy-efficient and cost-effective way to deliver hot water to your home then an instant hot water system may be the option for you. There are many benefits to adding an instant hot water system but there are different factors to consider to choose the right system for you. Electric and gas-fired systems have different levels of efficiency but they involve different installation and operating costs.

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