Toilet Repair & Installation

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Toilet Repair & Installation

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It’s not likely that the conversation at the dinner table revolves around your home’s toilets. San Diego homeowners trust the plumbing contractors at Core Plumbing to handle the delicate jobs that handle our delicate business. We talk toilets so you don’t need to!

If a toilet in your home is leaking or running non-stop, you are flushing money down the drain. Core Plumbing will put a stop to your toilet leaks with repair services. Our plumbing experts can also install a more flush-efficient toilet, meaning less water usage, which is better for the environment and your utility bills.

Common Toilet Repairs

If you have a toilet clog you can’t break through and you’ve plunged until you can plunge no more, contact Core Plumbing in San Diego. Our highly trained plumbers will quickly assess and repair most issues you’ll face with your home’s toilets.  

  • Clog:
    • You try plunging but can’t break the clog loose.
    • You have to use the plunger frequently.
    • You flush and the water in the bowl rises.
  • Non-Stop Running:
    • You hear your toilet running long after you flush. 
    • You’ve noticed higher-than-usual water bills.
  • Leak:
    • You see wetness on the floor around the toilet base.
    • Your water bill is abnormally high.
  • Damage:
    • There are cracks in the toilet base, bowl, tank, or lid.
    • Your toilet’s handle is loose or has fallen off.

The dedicated craftsmen at Core Plumbing encounter every plumbing problem you can imagine. Our team has all the knowledge and tools necessary to get your toilet running normally once again. 

Time for a Toilet Replacement in Your San Diego Bathroom?

Toilets are sturdy appliances that are typically used by multiple people multiple times a day. We demand hardiness and durability from our toilets but installing them is a delicate process. Toilets are heavy and oddly shaped bathroom fixtures that are not easy to maneuver, especially in a small space.  

You can damage your toilet by over-tightening bolts or losing your grip and banging it off a tile floor or up against the tub. Don’t get your hands dirty by trying this job yourself. 

If you’re tired of unclogging your toilet or listening to it run sporadically throughout the day and night, call our toilet repair and replacement specialists at Core Plumbing.  

Trusted Toilet Installers in San Diego, CA

The plumbing system snakes throughout all the areas of your home. As a result, water from your toilet could leak anywhere between its origin in the bowl and output off your property. 

People often try to handle toilet repair or installation on their own, only to call a plumber anyway to clean up their mess. A leaky or non-functioning toilet is the last thing you want to deal with.   

Don’t overlook your home’s toilets. San Diego residents trust their toilet repair and replacement projects to the father-and-son team at Core Plumbing. Call us today at (858) 538-6025 for new toilet installation or emergency repair.

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