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Quality Water Chemistry & Filtration Services

Are you uneasy about the quality of the water you’re consuming in your home? Although the water from your faucet may look clean and clear, there may be hard minerals, chlorine, contaminants, and possibly even bacteria within the contents of your water. The result of having these additives in your water can range from affecting the taste of your water to impacting your health and well-being.

While the effects that water quality can have on personal health are concerning, water filtration systems can deliver peace of mind. Whole house water filtration systems work by removing or reducing chemicals, contaminants, and other matters to produce safe and clean water from every water source in your home. This makes it safer to consume reducing health risks while also preventing corrosion and damage to your pipes and water appliances.

Core Plumbing is a leading water filtration expert assisting homeowners throughout San Diego County. We offer various water filtration solutions to improve the water quality in your home and make it safer for you, your family, and your pets. We strongly advocate for cleaner and safer water and are here to help with everything from installations to testing, routine maintenance and repairs.

Benefits of Water Filtration Services

Benefits of having a water filtration system include:

  • Cleaner water for every water source in your home
  • Healthier, cleaner baths and showers
  • Healthier skin and hair
  • Cleaner and safer drinking water
  • Longer-lasting pipes and water appliances

Our Water Filtration Services

We’re a full service plumbing company offering comprehensive water filtration services. Our expert plumbers and advocates are here to help with services such as:

  • Filtration system installation: Our certified plumbers are experts in installations for systems such as whole house water filtration, water softeners, reverse osmosis, and more.
  • Routine maintenance and repair: Our plumbing team performs reliable maintenance and efficient repair services to keep your filtration system functioning correctly and assure your water stays clean and safe.
  • Expert advice: Our advocates are knowledgeable about different water filtration systems and brands. We’re here to help guide you through the selection process and choose the right water filtration system for your home.

Why Choose Core Plumbing?

We’re a team of experienced plumbing professionals who are certified to work on water filtration projects. Our advocates are knowledgeable about water filtration systems and will help you select a filtration system that meets your specific needs and budget. We’ll walk you through the process of the install and guide you on proper care and maintenance recommendations. We believe in transparency and base our quotes on genuine recommendations along with upfront estimates.

Ready to invest in having cleaner, safer water in your home? Call Core Plumbing at (858) 538-6025 to schedule a consultation or quote today!

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