4 Most Common Plumbing Issues And Their Solutions

In a typical plumbing system, you can suffer all kinds of problems especially if you fail to conduct regular inspections and maintenance on the system. Some of these problems can be quite minor and you can easily fix them without consulting a professional plumber. Others can be relatively serious with drastic repercussions if not addressed immediately by a qualified plumber. Many licensed plumbing companies advertise all kinds of San Diego plumbing repair and installation services on their websites. These firms offer specialized services to solve some of the most serious and potentially devastating plumbing issues both at home and in the workplace. Based on your personal experiences as a homeowner or as a business owner, you must have noticed that some plumbing problems are more prevalent than others. The following plumbing issues are very common in residential and commercial settings and we want to look at some of the viable ways of fixing them.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains occur when drainage pipes — they drain waste water from the house — get blocked by various substances. Some of the culprits that cause drainage pipes to clog are grease & oil residue, roots, pipe damage due to corrosion or old age, and blockage by an insolvent foreign object like a big fruit seed. Clogged drains cause wastewater to back up due to flow interruption to the sewer tank. You can easily identify a blocked drainage pipe through foul smells, backed-up toilets, sinks, and shower drains, and wet discolored patches on your lawn. You can also pour an enzyme drain cleaner and hot water to flush a backed-up drain. If DIY solutions fail, call a professional plumber ASAP to avoid system complications.

Leaking Pipes

Another common plumbing hitch is leaking pipes. Pipes constitute the biggest section of any plumbing system. We have inflow pipes that supply clean water to the house and outflow pipes that drain waste water from the house. Any of these pipes can suffer from leaks, whereby a break or hole in the pipe results in water dripping out as it flows by. The leak can be caused by a weak joint in the piping system or faulty pipes with broken surfaces due to corrosion, old age, puncture, or poor material construction. Although they might appear harmless at first, especially if it’s a slow drip leak, leaking pipes can easily deteriorate into bursting pipes if not fixed immediately. You should regularly inspect your piping system to detect any leaking pipes before they burst. Replace old and corroded pipes with new high-quality ones to avoid leaks. In case of a serious pipe leak, hire a professional contractor to repair or replace the faulty section before it’s too late.

Leaking Fixtures

Like the leaking pipes discussed above, leaking fixtures cause unnecessary water loss and undermine water flow in a plumbing system. Plumbing fixtures, such as faucets, shower heads, toilets etc can start leaking if their control mechanisms fail. Try to fasten the control system of any leaking installation. Consider hiring a professional plumber to work on your plumbing system if you notice leaking fixtures in your house.

Blocked Water Supply Pipes

Just like the drainage pipes discoursed above, water supply pipes can also block. Inflow pipes are usually laid beneath the ground and then run inside the walls of a house. This means that it’s quite difficult to inspect them for blockage. You can only discover a water supply clog if there is little or no water flow into your home. This means that either the pipes or fixtures have corroded and failed or that the water has frozen in the pipes. In either case, call a licensed plumber immediately for a professional solution.

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