Common Faucet Problems

Faucets are one of the most frequently used plumbing fixture in the home. It is the central source of water, and without it, it will be difficult to carry out simple but important tasks around the house like hand washing, cooking, cleaning, gardening and the like when it is malfunctioning.

But faucet problems are really not too uncommon. Since faucets are a highly used fixture in the house, it really is subject to wear and tear. The important thing though is that a homeowner can immediately spot faucet problems, and generally know how to respond to it while waiting for the plumber to arrive.

The Balance has published a write-up on common faucet problems and what can be done with these issues. In their write-up, one of the common home concerns on faucets is a leaking tap.

“When you discover that the water faucet leaks, try tightening the packing nut at the handle, as this can be the primary cause of the leak. Sometimes a damaged O-ring needs to be replaced. To replace the O-ring, shut off the water supply line, disassemble the faucet and replace the cartridge if necessary, depending on the problem that you are facing. When replacing the o-rings, clean the inside of the spout and the outside of the valve body. We also recommend lubricating the spout o-rings with silicone-based grease.”

Read the rest of the common issues here.

Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen faucets can be overused but usually it has a lifespan of more than a decade before it will show signs of wear and tear. The website Kitchenote has mentioned common kitchen faucet problems, and how these can be addressed. Topping their list is low water pressure.

“Sometimes, it can be very annoying if the water flow gets weaker. You will have lower water out of the faucet, and your cleaning can get time consuming and boring. You can easily get rid of this problem with a simple tip. When you’re experiencing a weak stream, you need to clean the clogged aerator. The minerals like calcium come with the water flow and get deposited in the aerator. To remove the clogged aerator, dip a brush in vinegar and clean out all garbage and debris accumulated at the aerator.”

Check out the full list of issues here.

When to Replace

There are instances however when a homeowner has to throw in the towel so to speak, and just have his faucet replaced by a licensed plumbing contractor. These instances have been carefully described by Popular Mechanics on its blog entry on common faucet issues. United Association

“There are more practical reasons that may lead you to replace a faucet. These include: (1) When its finish is worn away and its handle discolored or cracked. (2) The threads on the aerator or spout are worn or corroded, making aerator replacement difficult. (3) Its internal parts are so worn that replacement washers, O rings, screws, clips, and valve assembly simply don’t solve the problem any longer.”

The whole blog post can be found here.

Replacing one’s faucet can also be a chance to add a bit of character in a home. A licensed plumbing contractor is the best person who can give advice on this matter.

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