5 Common Types Of Drain Cleaning Services

Established plumbing companies offer a wide range of plumbing services to residential and commercial clients. Such companies maintain plumbing teams featuring expert technicians who are trained to handle all kinds of plumbing problems and projects. Most plumbing technicians are trained to solve all basic plumbing issues. This means that you can rely on any professional plumber to help you fix any general plumbing problem including San Diego leak detection and repair, water damage restoration, garbage disposal repair, and many more. This includes the installation, repair, replacement, inspection, and maintenance of various plumbing fixtures and appliances, including faucets, sinks, water heaters, sump pumps, garbage disposal units, dishwashers, bathtubs, laundry machines etc, both at home and in the workplace. But some plumbers also offer specialized service packages to cater for specific plumbing needs and projects. That is how we get water heater plumbers, gas line plumbers, sewer line plumbers, bathroom and kitchen remodelers, and many other plumbing specialists. When it comes to drain cleaning services, professional plumbers offer a variety of services to their clients. In this article we will look at the five most common types of drain cleaning services.

Residential & Commercial Drain Cleaning Services

Drain cleaning services can be broadly classified as either residential or commercial drain cleaning services. Residential drain cleaning services are offered by residential plumbers to homeowners. Commercial drain cleaning services are provided by more established plumbing companies to commercial clients, such as business owners, industrial & business corporations, government bodies, profit and nonprofit organizations, institutions, municipal bodies etc. Most established plumbing companies offer both residential and commercial drain cleaning services.

Bathroom Drain Cleaning Services

As the name suggests, bathroom drain cleaning services are only focused in the bathroom. These drain cleaning services are provided to ensure excellent toilet and shower drains and also bathroom sink drains. Bathroom drain cleaning services are usually meant for unclogging bathroom drains, including clogged shower drains, toilet clogs, and clogged bathroom sink drains. Bathroom drain cleaning services are also offered as routine maintenance services to clean all bathroom drains several times a year. Plumbers providing these types of bathroom drain cleaning services use various drain cleaning technologies, including camera inspections, snaking, roto rooter, hydro-jetting, and many others, to clean and clear clogged drains.

Kitchen Drain Cleaning Services

Kitchen drain cleaning services are just like bathroom drain cleaning services except that they focus only on the kitchen drains. This includes all the sink drains in the kitchen and any other drains that might be installed in the kitchen. Just like in bathroom drain cleaning, kitchen drain cleaning involves the unclogging of kitchen sink drains and routine drain cleaning in the kitchen several times a year.

Clogged Drain Clearing

Clogged drain clearing/cleaning or unclogging as it’s commonly known is a specialized service package offered to unblock clogged drain pipes and sewer lines. Professional plumbers are hired by residential and commercial clients when there is a toilet clog, a shower drain clog, or a sink drain clog. The plumbers use snaking, hydro-jetting, or roto rooter techniques to unblock the clogged drainage pipes and/or sewer lines.

Routine Sewer Drain Cleaning

Routine sewer drain cleaning is a maintenance drain cleaning service offered to ensure that all drain pipes and sewer lines are clean and in good working condition. It should be performed several times in a year as part of the general plumbing maintenance services.


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