How To Prevent And Fix A Clogged Drain

Clogged drains can be fixed using various do-it-yourself remedies or by a professional plumber. Clogged drains include both clogged shower drains and clogged sink drains. Some plumbers include toilet clogs in their definition of clogged drains but others treat toilet clogs separately. Clogged drains are some of the most common and irritating plumbing problems in our homes. One interesting fact about drain clogs is that almost all of them are caused by negligent waste disposal habits. Clogged sink drains are usually caused by bad food waste disposal habits. Clogged sink drains usually occur when there is an accumulation of food particles and remnants, oils, fats, and greases inside the drain pipes. Shower drain pipes occur when hair and soap remnants accumulate inside the shower drain pipes. This means that you can easily prevent clogged drains if you become a little bit more responsible in your waste disposal habits. In this article we will show you how you can prevent clogged drains. We will also teach you how to fix clogged drains if the preventive measures fail. Read on to learn everything you need to know about clogged drains.

Preventing Clogged Drains

As mentioned above, clogged drains are usually caused by negligent waste disposal habits. Even the briefly mentioned toilet clogs are caused by bad flushing habits where users dump all kinds of waste in the toilet bowl and try to flush them away. You should only flush human waste and tissue paper in your toilet. Anyway, regarding clogged sink and shower drains, there are a few proven preventive measures that can keep your drains clear all the time. To prevent shower drain clogs, you can install a shower drain cover to catch all pieces of soap before they go down the drain. You can also install a screen trap to capture all hair and any other debris before it flows down the drain pipes. To prevent sink drain clogs, you should avoid dumping food waste, oils, fats, and greases in your sink and disposing all this solid waste down your sink drains. You should also install a sink strainer or a sink drain cover with a screen trap to catch all debris before it flows down your sink drain pipes.

Fixing Clogged Drains

There are several ways of fixing clogged sink and shower drains. It is always recommendable that you try various do-it-yourself solutions before requesting for professional San Diego drain cleaning services. The following are some of the most recommendable DIY remedies for fixing a clogged sink or shower drain.

DIY Solutions

The most basic solution for a clogged drain is the age-old plunger. You can try to suck out or push in the clog using the plunger to clear your drain pipes. The other simple DIY solution is to pour boiling water down your sink or shower drains. If all these remedies fail, you can create a baking soda and vinegar solution and pour it down your clogged drain pipes. You can also use a plumber’s snake or a coat hanger to try and dislodge the clogging obstacle.

Call A Professional Plumber

After trying all the DIY solutions discussed above and failing to clear your clogged drains, then you should call a professional plumber for assistance. One of the main advantages of hiring a professional plumber to unclog your drains is that he will be able to diagnose the problem accurately and implement the most viable solution conveniently.

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