The Most Common Clogging Problems And Their Solutions

Clogging problems occur when there is a disruption in the flow of waste water down the drain and sewer lines. In most cases, this disruption is caused by a solid obstacle buried within the drainage and sewer pipes. As such, clogs are usually fixed by removing or forcing this solid obstacle down the drainage and sewer lines. Most of these solid obstacles are inserted inside these drainage pipes by us. Either due to ignorance or negligence, sometimes we try to flush solid waste that is not supposed to be forced down the drain pipes. This means that you can prevent clogging in your house by being a little bit careful about what you flush down your drainage and sewer pipes. For instance, you should never dump fats, oils, and greases in your sink. You should also never flush anything else except human waste and toilet paper in your toilet. You should also consider installing a screen trap in your showers and sinks to catch all debris and human hair. But as much as you can try to prevent clogs in your house, you are bound to suffer some of the following clogs from time to time. Read on to discover how they occur and how you can fix them.

Sink Drain Clog

The sink drain clog occurs in the drain pipes that lead waste water from your sink to the sewer system. The sink drain clog is usually caused by negligent cleaning and waste disposal habits. If you constantly dump food waste, fats, oils, and greases in your sink, then you can expect to suffer this clog from time to time. You can use various do-it-yourself solutions to fix sink drain clogs in your home. You can try running boiling water down your sink drains. You can also create a baking soda and vinegar solution and pour it down your sink drains. You can always try using a plunger to unclog your sink. You can also remove the sink drain cover or strainer and try unclogging the drain with a plumber’s snake or even a coat hanger. If all these DIY solutions fail, then you should call a local plumber who offers San Diego drain services for assistance.

Shower Drain Clog

Another common clogging problem at home is the shower drain clog. The shower drain clog occurs when you constantly allow soap pieces to go down your shower drain. Hair is another common cause of a shower drain clog. Needless to say, you can prevent a shower drain clog by installing a shower drain cover to catch all soap pieces and a screen trap to catch all the hair. You can fix a shower drain clog on your own using a plunger. You can also use a plumber’s snake or the aforementioned coat hanger. You can also pour boiling water into your clogged shower drain to melt the accumulated soap grime. A liquid drain cleaner can also come in handy — but if everything fails, call a professional plumber.

Toilet Clog

The toilet clog is the most common clogging problem in any home. The toilet clog occurs due to bad flushing habits, low water pressure, faulty flushing unit etc. You can fix a toilet clog using a plunger. You can also snake the toilet drain to remove or push the clogging material. If everything fails, reach out to your local plumber for professional assistance.

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