How To Find The Best Plumbing Company

Whether you’re a dedicated DIY enthusiast or you prefer a more hands-off approach to home maintenance, there comes a time in every homeowner’s journey when the expertise of a professional becomes necessary. This often becomes evident when faced with a plumbing problem. The plumbing network in your residence is intricate, and when it malfunctions, it poses the risk of depriving you of clean water or causing water damage. Hence, it’s crucial to have access to a reliable plumber. Let’s delve into how to locate one and the key inquiries to make when you do.

What To Look For in a Plumber?

Although plumbers may specialize in different areas and possess varying levels of experience, there are a few common qualities shared by most skilled tradespeople.


What type of plumber is suitable for your needs? Plumbers come in various specialties, each catering to specific types of projects. Some primarily handle service calls, such as drain cleaning or toilet unclogging, while others specialize in installing new plumbing systems for remodeling projects. In nearly every state, plumbers are required to obtain specialty licenses, and their designations vary based on their level of experience. Master plumbers and journeyman plumbers typically have the most extensive experience. Master plumbers often own their own businesses, whereas journeyman plumbers typically work within a company. It’s crucial to identify the right kind of plumber for your particular project. 

License and Insurance

Having the appropriate licenses and insurance coverage is a safeguard for both homeowners and the plumbing business. A plumber who is committed to the long-term success of their enterprise will ensure they operate with the necessary licenses and comprehensive insurance. Don’t hesitate to request insurance certificates and take the extra step to contact the insurance agency to confirm that the policies are in effect. You can also check your state’s website to verify whether your potential plumber holds a valid license.

Labor Guarantee

Dedicated tradespeople take pride in their craftsmanship and are willing to stand by it. Your plumber should have a clear understanding of the manufacturer’s warranty for any items they install and should supplement it with an additional warranty for their workmanship. The specifics of the workmanship warranty may vary depending on the project.

Associations & Certifications

Seek out firms that hold memberships in reputable trade associations like the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders), NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association), or the ICC (International Code Council). Additionally, consider looking for companies involved in community groups such as your local BBB (Better Business Bureau) or Chambers of Commerce.


Were they courteous both during your phone conversations and in-person meetings? Did they demonstrate respect for your home, such as removing their shoes and parking in the designated area? Paying attention to these small details in your initial interactions is often indicative of how they will approach the work you hire them for.

Even when you’ve identified a reliable plumber, effective communication remains crucial for a successful project. Make every effort to clearly convey your expectations, budget, potential modifications, and any concerns before, during, and after the project. Every project carries the possibility of unforeseen challenges or errors, but open and consistent communication will contribute to making your project as seamless as possible.

Getting Ready to Choose a Plumber

After thoroughly researching various sources, you’re now prepared to contact a selection of plumbers regarding your project. The responsibility lies with you to be well-prepared and determine your priorities. There’s no need to reach out to nine or ten companies; instead, focus on selecting two to four that align with your specific needs. If you find yourself dissatisfied after the initial round of calls, you can repeat the process with another set of two to four plumbers. Ensure that you pose the same set of questions to each plumber and compare their responses before reaching a decision.

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