In Need of Water, Gas, or Sewer Services? Your First Call Should Be to a Professional Plumbing Company.

Are you adding on or remodeling your home? Have a leak that you can’t seem to find? Need someone to take care of sewer line repair? No matter what type of water, gas, or sewer services you need, it is important that you use a professional plumbing company. That’s right, a plumbing company does more than simply fix leaking toilets. Here’s what you need to know: 

Plumbers Take Care of a Wide Range of Services

When most people think about plumbers, they think of someone fixing a leaky sink or unclogging a toilet. Professional plumbing companies offer much more than that, though. In addition to basic repairs, plumbing services offer a wide range of services including pipe repair, hot water tank installation, gas line repair, and sewer services. If you have any repair or installation job that involves piping, a plumber should be your first call. 

Some Projects Can Be Extremely Dangerous

You may be able to install a new toilet float to keep your toilet tank from leaking, but other jobs need more than a DIY fix. Leaking pipes within the walls, for example, need professional care—an untrained repair job could cause burst pipes and significant damage to your home. A gas leak from incorrectly installed gas lines is extremely dangerous and can even be fatal. Always call a professional. 

Plumbing Companies Have Insurance

One of the biggest risks of trying to take care of plumbing jobs yourself is that if something goes wrong, you’re at fault and won’t get any help from homeowner’s insurance. This isn’t true if you use a professional plumbing company. Using a bonded and insured plumber for your water, gas, or sewer services means you get someone to do the job right. And if the unexpected occurs, you aren’t suddenly on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars in costs. 

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