Planning a Bathroom Remodel: What to Know About Toilets

People do not often think of the effort that goes into making human life comfortable. Running water, instant meals, and indoor plumbing are things that we take for granted, but many people will find it challenging to accomplish their daily tasks if you take these away. 

Toilets, in particular, are a great convenience to homeowners, and they are one of the things that you should first consider when you’re thinking of having a bathroom remodel. Here are different types of toilets that people use all over the world.

One-Piece Model

This kind of toilet has a molded design; the flash tank and the body are molded together. This design helps reduce the likelihood of leaks. Since it comes in one piece, the toilet’s entire body is made of ceramic, so it is considerably light. A one-piece toilet weighs approximately 38 to 50 kilograms. Another advantage of one-piece toilets is that they take less space in the bathroom compared to similar models. However, this type of toilet is not without disadvantages. There is less variation with one-piece models, and they all have a floor mount design. Also, it is a little pricier than a two-piece model since each design needs a unique mold.

Two-Piece Model

This type of toilet has two parts. The first is the lower body sitter, and the second is the flash tank. A pipe links these two parts together, and you can install the parts by placing them one over the other. A typical two-piece toilet weighs 25 kilograms to 45 kilograms, and it is the most common model installed in bathrooms for persons with special needs. One disadvantage to the two-piece model is that it is prone to leaks since there are many parts and connections among the pieces.

Squatting Pan or Squat Toilet

The squatting pan is the predecessor of the modern toilet, and its use was more prevalent before the 19th century. Squatting pans are also known as the “Asian toilet” since it is widely used in the region, even in developed nations like China, Singapore, Taiwan, and Japan. 

Western-Style or European Toilet

This type of toilet has a seat and cover, and it has an attached water tank that collects water for flushing. Countries in Europe and America, Australia, and New Zealand use this kind of toilet. The flash tank could be either plastic or ceramic, depending on the design. A subtype of the Western-style toilet is the water closet, which many consider to be more hygienic. This category includes toilets for the elderly and differently-abled persons. The tanks on these models are placed high above the seat, so you’re sure to have an easier time flushing. In all, the toilet’s weight won’t be more than 12 to 20 kilograms. When not in use, this kind of toilet pools water at the bottom. This water seals out the dirt and odor.

Vault Toilet

You can see this kind of toilet in remote areas or rest stops at long stretches of roads. The waste is stored in a tank or a vault set up below the ground in a vault toilet. This type has no water supply, but its vault can store as much as 13,000 liters of material. Typically, manufacturers build the vaults with heavy-duty polyethylene. This material reduces the likelihood of leaks or cracks.

Anglo–Indian Toilet

This kind of toilet combines Asian and European types. It is suitable for households used to squatting toilets but has someone with a long-term chronic condition. The family members who have a chronic ailment can use it the way you would a Western-style toilet, while the rest of the household can use it the way they would use an Asian one.

WC Health Toilet

This toilet has a unique design combining features of the squatting and sitting toilets. The WC Health toilet has a design that serves human physiology. When a person sits on this toilet with their feet flat on the floor, their legs will form a 90-degree angle. Meanwhile, the squatting position puts their feet and legs at 40 to 60 degrees. When a person is in this second position, they contract their abdominal muscles. This contraction leads to an excellent evacuation, which promotes good health and prevents illnesses.

Tornado Toilet

This kind of toilet was introduced in 2018. It has a distinctive feature; the flash system provides flushing and cleaning at the same time. As the name implies, it uses water volume and pressure to clear the bowl of human waste efficiently. If you’re going for a bathroom remodel, this kind of toilet is one of your best options. The toilet’s manufacturers have a strong flush guarantee, and they promise that everything will go on the first flush. They say that this toilet will flush strong even if the house’s plumbing is old and have narrow 80-millimeter pipes.

Smart Toilet

Smart toilets, which Japan has popularized, incorporate digital technology in the bathroom. These toilets have various functions, from seat heaters to built-in bidets, automatic flushing, and more. Some models play music or other sounds at the touch of a button. In Japan, some people feel it is rude to the persons in the next stall over if they happen to hear you go about your business. Toilet manufacturers developed this feature in response, which masks the sounds people make while urinating and defecating.

Floating Toilet

Also known as a wall-hung toilet, a floating toilet saves space and helps the homeowner keep the floor clean. Floating toilets are easier to clean as well, and they do not require a lot of space. 

A downside to using floating toilets is that they have a lower weight capacity. Typical floating toilets can take only up to 500 pounds. The advantage of installing this kind of toilet is that you can decide how high or how low you want it mounted on the wall.


Different types of toilets provide different kinds of convenience. Some models are easy to clean and perfect for busy, small homes like condominiums or apartments. Meanwhile, others are great for households with differently-abled persons. Still, others provide conveniences like heated seats and ergonomic evacuation, things that would not have been possible only a few hundred years ago. When choosing a toilet for your home or facility, make sure you consider the needs of those who will be using it the most.

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