3 Signs Of A Sewer Line Problem

The drainage and sewer system is one of the most important sections of the plumbing system. The drainage and sewer system disposes of all liquid waste and waste water from the house to the municipal sewer system or to your private septic tank. The drainage and sewer system starts with the kitchen and bathroom fixtures, such as the toilet, sinks, showers, bathtubs etc. The system continues to the visible drainage pipes and then to the intricate network of underground sewer lines. A huge section of the drainage and sewer system is installed below the ground. This is why it’s very difficult to inspect or even repair the sewer system. You should make a point of requesting underground sewer camera inspections to scrutinize the condition of your underground sewer lines. Professional plumbers conduct these sewer camera inspections using waterproof remote controlled video cameras. The video camera is installed inside the underground sewer line and then maneuvered slowly throughout the length of the pipe. Meanwhile the plumber watches a live video feed showing the interior walls of the underground sewer line. These sewer camera inspections help reveal any cracks, punctures, leaks, clogs, or any other problem in your underground sewer line. You should request a sewer camera inspection if you notice any or all of the following signs.

Frequent Clogs

If your drainage and sewer system clogs frequently, then you might have a sewer line problem. This is especially true if the frequent clogs occur without any reasonable cause. Toilet clogs are usually caused by negligent or careless flushing habits. Sink drain clogs are usually caused by poor leftover food disposal habits. Shower drain clogs are usually caused by the accumulation of hairs and soap remains in the shower drains. But if you start suffering frequent clogs in all these places for no reason, then it means that you have a broken sewer line. Your sewer lines could be punctured, broken, clogged, collapsed, or even invaded by tree roots. If you are suffering frequent drain and toilet clogs for no reason, request San Diego sewer repair services as soon as possible to determine the cause of these clogs and to implement a viable fix. If the broken sewer line is not repaired or replaced immediately, then you can suffer serious sewer backups that can ruin your house and pose a health risk to your family.

Bad Odors

Another sign that you might be having a broken sewer line is bad odor. A serious clog in your sewer lines can cause bad odors to waft back into the house. The bad smell could be coming back up your drainage pipes. This means that the sewer lines are clogged or damaged. You might also detect bad smells in your yard. This is a clear indication of a leak in your sewer lines. You should call a professional plumber immediately for sewer line repairs or replacement.

Soggy Yard

Soggy spots in the yard are common during the wet season. But if you start noticing soggy spots in your yard during the dry season, then your sewer lines could be leaking. You should inspect the soggy spots carefully and try to smell the sewer. Soggy spots usually occur when the leaking sewer line is not buried too deep in the ground. For sewer lines that are buried very deep in the ground, soggy spots might not occur even if the pipe is leaking.

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