The Top 6 Dangers Involved In Kitchen Remodels

Kitchen Remodels Are Excellent Value Adding Projects

If you are looking to remodel or otherwise upgrade your kitchen to the new styles of the time or if the current appliances just aren’t working properly then you need to consider all of the issues that surround this work. When you start pulling off walls or upending the flooring you may find something that you never anticipated. Being able to problem solve on the fly is key to proper construction project management and keeping the costs down and timetable on track.


A kitchen upgrade is one of the best things you can do for yourself, your family, and the value of your home, besides a bathroom remodel. However, you have to ask yourself if you are fully prepared to take on everything or if you would rather leave the stress and responsibility to a group of trained professionals. At Core Plumbing we love what we do and attach challenges with the energy of Rocky Balboa in Rocky I. Before tackling this project alone consider these 6 possibilities and call us when and if you need any advice or help.

The Electrical Is All Wrong For These Upgrades

Depending on the age of your current kitchen it could be that 1) the electrical is completely out of code or 2) that the placement of the outlets does not suit the desired layout. In either case you are going to have to rewire the entire room to match the current code standards and the desired format of the proposed kitchen.

The Gas Line Is In The Wrong Place

If you stove runs on electric then this won’t be a problem. However, if you are completely moving the stove to a new spot or even upgrading the stove to a different size you may realize that you now need to re-pipe the gas to a new spot.

The Plumbing Is In The Wrong Place

You could have a sink, obviously, in your kitchen, but you could also have a water line running to your refrigerator. If you are looking to alter the position of either of these features you are going to have to alter the plumbing of the room.

The Floor Won’t Support The New Additions

Most modern floors on the first floor can easily support the weight of a modern kitchen. But how old is your house? Is it built on a concrete foundation or with a crawlspace or basement? Old houses may not withstand the extant of all of the appliances in one room.

There Isn’t Proper Ventilation In The Room

All of the piping and the range need proper ventilation. This either needs to exist already or be built into the new remodel.

Past Water Leaks Have Caused Significant Water Damage

It is hard to know what is under the floor until it is torn up. The problem areas of dry rot are focused around areas of flowing water. This means hidden below your refrigerator or below your skink counter you may have dry rot that could significantly alter your timetable and cost schedule.

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