Are Whole-House Water Filters Worth It? What You Need to Know

Are whole-house water filters worth it? We break down all the information homeowners need to know about whole-house water filters. Learn more about whole-house water filtration systems here.

Professional plumbers like the team at Core Plumbing can easily install whole-house water filters. Water filters provide clean water to the entire household. Let’s take a look at all of the potential benefits that a whole-house water filter can bring to your home.

6 Benefits of Whole-House Water Filters

If you’re interested in investing in a whole-house water filter, you may want to know the benefits. Let’s take a look at the various benefits that these whole-house water filters can bring into your home.

1.   Cleaner Water From Every Faucet

A whole-house water filter filters the water before it reaches any of the faucets, showerheads, laundry machines, and dishwashing machines. This pre-filtering process means that all of the water that enters your home will be cleaner and safer to use for everyone in your household, no matter which tap they use.

2.   Healthier Water for Drinking and Cooking

With a whole-house water filter, you can rest easy knowing that your drinking water will contain:

  • No particles
  • No discoloration
  • No unhealthy contaminants

Most tap and well water sources have at least a moderate level of contamination. Contamination can include bacteria as well as man-made chemicals.

3.   Safer Water for Showers and Baths

Whole-house water filters remove unwanted contaminants from shower and bathwater that can harm the health of your skin and hair. Filtering the water throughout the entire home can help provide extra protection for family members who may have a compromised immune system.

4.   Easier Cleaning and Reduced Scaling

Whole-house water filters can also soften hard water. Softened water helps to reduce spots on glassware. Softened water also helps prevent scaling build-up in showers, bathtubs, sinks, and even pipes — which can help prevent clogs and save money on potential repairs.

5.   Reduced Corrosion and Rust

Filtering water with a whole-house water filter improves the pH of the water. Improved pH can mean a lesser chance of corrosion in:

  • Sinks
  • Bathtubs
  • Toilets
  • Dishwashers.

Additionally, filtered water can help keep laundry softer and brighter than unfiltered water.

Whole-house water filters help clean water that comes from all water sources. Whether you rely on a private well water system drilled in a rural area or use the water provided by your local municipality, these types of filters help to improve the water quality for your household.

Unfiltered water can contain heavy metals, hazardous household products, and even agricultural chemicals. All of these forms of contamination can contribute to poor health. Advanced, modern water filters like whole-house water filters with a carbon filter can help remove these contaminants.

Why Would I Need to Install a Whole-House Water Filter?

If you’re still asking yourself, “Why are whole-house water filters worth it,” we have the detailed answers you need. Keep reading to learn more about why whole-house filters really are worth the investment.

The truth is that even municipal water sources can become contaminated with a variety of unwanted and unhealthy materials. Municipal water treatment systems are often older and have continued running without substantial updates to keep up with the demands of the modern age.

Some contaminants that municipal water treatment might not treat yet are PFOA, PFOS, pharmaceutical, and pesticide run-off. In addition, older water pipe systems can contribute to unwanted water contamination. Homeowners can avoid leftover lead from pipes and chlorine from treatment with a whole-house water filter.

Dirt, silt, clay, other sediments, and agricultural chemical run-off may taint a private well. These contaminants can result in a range of water colorations, unwanted particles, clogging, and personal health issues. Responsible homeowners can avoid all of these issues with proactive action.

A whole-house water filter can help prevent all of these contaminants from reaching your faucets. The main advantage of installing a whole-house water filter is knowing you have safe, clean, healthy water for everyone who comes into your household.

You can take proactive action now and consult with a professional plumber about installing a whole-house water filter to help protect you and your loved ones. After a consultation with an expert plumber, you won’t have to ask the question, “Are whole-house water filters worth it?”

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